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Published on December 11, 2007

Author: Breezy


WHAT IS A BUD VASE?:  WHAT IS A BUD VASE? TALL, NARROW CONTAINER WITH A NECK DESIGNED TO HOLD ONE OR A SMALLER NUMBER OF FLOWERS POPULAR ON HOLIDAYS Slide2:  COLOR OF VASE SHOULD HARMONIZE WITH FLOWER COLORS CLEAR, GREEN, AND WHITE CAN BE USED WITH MOST FLOWERS AND OCCASIONS HOW DO YOU SELECT FLOWERS FOR BUD VASES?:  HOW DO YOU SELECT FLOWERS FOR BUD VASES? ROSES AND CARNATIONS WITH BABY’S BREATH ARE MOST POPULAR MAIN REQUIREMENT IS THAT FLOWER HAVE LONG STEM WHICH FOLIAGE WORKS BEST WITH BUD VASES?:  WHICH FOLIAGE WORKS BEST WITH BUD VASES? LEATHERLEAF MING SPRENGERI EUCALYPTUS Step 1: Selecting Materials:  Step 1: Selecting Materials 1 LONG-STEMMED ROSE OR CARNATION 4 STEMS OF LEATHERLEAF FERN 1 ½ YARDS OF #3 SATIN RIBBON 2 20-22 GAUGE FLORIST WIRES 1 STEM OF BABY’S BREATH LEAF POLISH BUD VASE FLORAL PRESERVATIVE Step 2: Preparing the Vase:  Step 2: Preparing the Vase FILL THE BUD VASE WITH PRESERVATIVE WATER TO WITHIN TWO INCHES OF THE TOP. REMOVE ALL LEAVES THAT WILL BE BELOW THE WATER LINE. CUT THE FLOWER STEM BELOW WATER TO A LENGTH 1 ½ TO 2 TIMES THE HEIGHT OF THE VASE. WIRE THE FLOWER WITH A 20 OR 22 GAUGE FLORIST WIRE USING THE STRAIGHT WIRE METHOD. INSERT THE FLOWER IN THE VASE AND TURN THE “FACE” TOWARD YOU. Step 3: Preparing the Fern:  Step 3: Preparing the Fern Select Two Pieces Of Fern And Hold Them So That The Backs Of The Fern Face Each Other (Image #1). Bring The Two Pieces Of Fern Together So That The Curves Are Straightened Out (Image #2). Spray The Best Piece Of Fern With The Leaf Polish. The Best Piece Of Fern Should Be An Inch Or Two Longer Than The Other. #1 #2 Step 4: Inserting the Fern:  Step 4: Inserting the Fern PLACE THE FERN BEHIND THE CARNATION WITH THE BEST PIECE ACTING AS A BACK-DROP. INSERT SHORTER PIECES OF LEATHERLEAF ON EACH SIDE AT A 450 ANGLE AND IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER STEMS. AN OPTIONAL PIECE MAY BE INSERTED VERTICALLY IN FRONT OF THE TALLEST STEM. BE SURE TO SPRAY THE ADDITIONAL PIECES WITH LEAF POLISH. Step 5: Insert the Filler Flowers:  Step 5: Insert the Filler Flowers INSERT THE BABY’S BREATH SO THAT IT SURROUNDS THE CARNATION. IT SHOULDN’T OVERWHELM THE CARNATION. ONE FULL PIECE OF BABY’S BREATH MAY NOT BE REQUIRED. Step 6: Finishing the Vase:  Step 6: Finishing the Vase MAKE A BOW USING THE #3 SATIN RIBBON. ATTACH THE BOW TO A WOODEN PICK AND INSERT THE PICK INTO THE VASE SO THAT THE BOW WILL BE LOCATED CENTRALLY ABOVE THE RIM OF THE VASE. ADD A CARDETTE IF DESIRED AND REFRIGERATE. CONSTRUCTING A THREE-BLOOM BUD VASE:  CONSTRUCTING A THREE-BLOOM BUD VASE Step 1: Selecting Materials:  Step 1: Selecting Materials 3 LONG-STEMMED ROSES OR CARNATIONS 5 STEMS OF LEATHERLEAF FERN 1 ½ YARDS OF #3 SATIN RIBBON 2 20-22 GAUGE FLORIST WIRES 1 STEM OF BABY’S BREATH LEAF POLISH A LARGE-NECKED BUD VASE FLORAL PRESERVATIVE Step 2: Preparing the Flowers:  Step 2: Preparing the Flowers Fill the bud vase with preservative water to within two inches of the top. Wire the carnations using the straight wire method. Select the smallest carnation and cut it to twice the height of the container. Select the medium-sized bloom and cut it one to two inches shorter than the tallest flower. Cut the largest flower one to two inches shorter than the middle flower. Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Step 3: Inserting the Flowers:  Step 3: Inserting the Flowers Insert the flowers in the bud vase. Place the smallest flower in the center, facing up. Stagger the medium flower off to one side of the smallest flower. Stagger the largest flower off to the opposite side of the medium flower. Gradually face the middle and bottom flowers toward the viewer. Step 4: Preparing the Fern:  Step 4: Preparing the Fern Select two pieces of fern and hold them so that the backs of the fern face each other (image #1). Bring the two pieces of fern together so that the curves are straightened out (image #2). Spray the best piece of fern with the leaf polish. The best piece of fern should be an inch or two longer than the other. #1 #2 Step 5: Inserting the Fern:  Step 5: Inserting the Fern Place the fern behind the carnations with the best piece acting as a back-drop. Insert shorter pieces of leatherleaf on each side at a 450 angle and in front of all the other stems. An optional piece may be inserted vertically in front of the tallest stem. Be sure to spray the additional pieces with leaf polish. Step 6: Insert the Filler Flowers:  Step 6: Insert the Filler Flowers Insert the baby’s breath so that it surrounds the carnation. It shouldn’t overwhelm the carnation. One full piece of baby’s breath may not be required. Step 7: Finishing the Vase:  Step 7: Finishing the Vase Make a bow using the #3 satin ribbon. Attach the bow to a wooden pick and insert the pick into the vase so that the bow will be located centrally above the rim of the vase. Add a cardette if desired and refrigerate. Selecting Ribbons and Tying Bows:  Selecting Ribbons and Tying Bows Bows:  Bows important accessory in many arrangements used to give a design a finished look can create a mood or feeling Moods:  Moods red and green plaid - Christmas red, white and blue - Fourth of July Ribbons:  Ribbons may also be used to make an arrangement look more expensive tying bows is not difficult but requires practice Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons vary according to texture, materials and patterns assortment of colors, prints, plaids and many other combinations Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons give the design a different look catch the eye of the consumer Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons consider the appropriateness of the ribbon for the occasion ribbon is either single faced or double faced Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons most ribbon is single faced has a shiny side and a dull side Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons double faced ribbon has the same finish on both sides common ribbon materials include: lace, cotton, velvet, satin, nylon, plastic, burlap, papertwist Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons curling ribbon is also common in flower shops satin is made of glossy fabric Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons satin is the most frequently used ribbon satin is the easiest ribbon to work with comes in a variety of colors, designs and widths Selecting Ribbons:  Selecting Ribbons texture - surface appearance of the ribbon ribbons used for formal occasions will have a finer texture than those used for less formal occasions. Ribbon Sizes:  Ribbon Sizes sold on cardboard spools called bolts comes in a variety of sizes ribbon size follows an industry standard Ribbon Sizes:  Ribbon Sizes ribbons carry a number which is in reference to the width of the ribbon. The larger the number, the wider the ribbon Ribbon Sizes:  Ribbon Sizes most common ribbon sizes or numbers are 1 1/2, 3, 9, and 40 Ribbon Sizes:  Ribbon Sizes 1 1/2, and 3 are primarily used for corsage work 9 is used for decorating flower pots Ribbon Sizes:  Ribbon Sizes 40 is used in wreaths and sympathy flowers Tying bows:  Tying bows the size of the bow should be in proportion to the size of the design for corsages, the ribbons should extend just beyond the petals of the flowers Tying bows:  Tying bows the bow should accent, not draw attention from the flowers Slide44:  1. 8" from one end of ribbon, pinch firmly between thumb and index finger Slide45:  2. Make a 5" loop (half the size of finished bow) pinch tightly. If ribbon is one-sided, twist length to right side. Make second loop and pinch over first two pinches. Slide46:  3. Repeat this process forming 4 loops on each side. Slide47:  4. Make a center knot by forming a small loop over your thumb, pinch and wire all loops together, trim excess. Wire 14" length to back for tails.

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