Construcciones con bambu en Etiopia

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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: vivaguadua2011



Jörg Stamm (Alemania)
"Construcciones con bambú en Etiopía"

Construccion de Bambu in Ethiopia National Bamboo Construction Centre (NBCC) Jörg Stamm Technical Consultant


Export of 8000 bamboo poles for a parking garage of the Leipzig Zoo, Alemania 2004 – and again 2011

“Innovation” or opening new markets

Eco Engineering

Systematic approach

Curved bamboo beams

Modern Design & high tech materials

Contemporary Architecture (tri-dimensionals)

Nature as inspiration

Inside “three mountains”

Structural load analysis

Shell structures with grid system

Scaffolding and hull at a time

Design of “Organic” Construction

Greenvillage Greenvillage

Bamboo Industry, 2004-2009 UNDIO & FEMSEDA

2008 - ecbp: Bamboo Task force

2012 GIZ: Bamboo Sector Development

Lowland: Oxitenathera abysinnica

Lowland: Oxitenanthera abysinnica Farmland versus Bambu

“Torching” as Hunting practice

Threats or chance: Flowering and Resettlement Programs

Reforestation of Bamboo forest

Highland: Yoshania alpina

Sidama, campesinos con bambu de 0,2 – 2 hectares

Ancient weaving traditions

Basket Canasta

Skill evolution in thousands of years

Rainy Season

Traditional skills for modern tasks

Post and Beam for Refugee shelters

Bamboo structure for Emergency shelter

Assembly in Dolo Ado in one day

2500 transitional refugee shelters

Bamboo: Industrial Development or Construction? •Basic Steps •Basic Methods •Basic Models

Bamboo Harvesting Preservation, Drying & Storage

Purchasing of mature poles

Preservation by vertical diffusion Non toxic chemicals : Borax + Boric acid

Grading of diameters in A-Frames

Cutting lenght and thickness according to Bill of materials

Cutting of short spacers with thick walls

Selection of mature poles according to Bill of materials

Cleaning and polishing

Making Bamboo nails

Selección ´por diametro

Columnas de bambu

Six packs de bambu

Fabricacion en serie

Systematic Pre – fabrication, cement injection

Lay out and holes for footings

Truss assembly

Engineered Structures, assembled in 3 days

PPP - Workshop in Tetecha

Engineers at work in Hawassa

Bamboo nails for parallel joinery

Bamboo nails in self locking system

Spaced columns

National Bamboo Construction Center at EIABC

Technology Transfer Design, Drawings, Material lists

Assembly of trusses and rafters

Time efficient construction methods

Design of simple structures

Variations of Fish-belly and King trusses

Training in efficient techniques & work methods

Curved bamboo for curved designs

Fishbelly: Garage or Bamboo storage

Portable Trusses, Easy Instalation


Bamboo Design Competition

Discussion, Discussion, finally: just do it!

Tours and Visits

Zahara Children Center

Visit at Bamboo Flooring industry

Skill upgrading

Working on Matrix

“Hands on” experience

Pride about Knowledge

Exhausted, but happy

What is next?

Architecture, Engineering, Management

Gracias ! Email: Books: Bamboo construction Manual, Gernot Minke. Bamboo- Bambus IL 31, Frei Otto, Eda Schaur Gift of the Gods, Oscar Hidalgo Lopez.

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