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Published on November 27, 2013

Author: hayfj


Description - Considering Self-employment? | Business Start-up Course is an overview of the business start-up course for those considering self-employment and wanting to start their own business.

Coaching Programme Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 1

Considering Self-Employment? My name is Fraser Hay, and founder of Grow Your Business ® Club. I’m a former Scottish & UK Shell Livewire winner, Royal Bank of Scotland and Prince’s Trust Youth Business Scotland Winner, have over 300 videos on You Tube, and my last 3 kindle books reached the #1 download slot on Amazon in less than 5 days. I’ve tested hundreds of marketing approaches over the years, and want to share with you what I’ve learned from the mistakes I made, so you don’t have to. I also want to introduce you to some friends of mine, who are all experts and all prepared to help you Start & Grow Your Business® Stop Struggling. Start Growing. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 …More importantly, how can we and our members specifically help you?

Struggling to get your business idea “off the ground”? © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Can you identify 3 areas that you need, want or simply “must” address? Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 3

Stop Struggling. Start Growing… ..get everything you need to plan, document & execute your business start-up plan Stop Struggling. Start Growing. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Everything you need to document and execute your business start-up plan 4

1.0 Are You Ready? Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 5

1.0 Are You Ready? Struggling to determine whether you are ready for becoming self-employed? (or not) 1.0 Are You Ready? In this session, you will learn • The 3 questions you “must” answer before you do anything • The real reasons why you want to work for yourself • What your fears & reservations are © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • What your skills & strengths are • The real value of your skills & experience to date • What you can offer prospective customers • The risks & benefits of self-employment • How to confirm what the “real opportunity” is Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 6

2.0 Your Business Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 7

2.0 Your Business Idea Struggling to determine how your idea will make money & succeed? 2.0 Your Business Idea In this session, you will learn: • What the REAL PROBLEMS are that you can fix/solve for others • Who the RECIPIENTS of your product/service will be • What the REVENUE STREAMS for your business will be © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • What your ROUTES TO MARKET will be • What RESOURCES you require to get started • What RETURN ON INVESTMENT you & your stakeholders require • What the REQUIRED STEPS are to complete your start-up plan • What Intellectual property you own and how you will protect it Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 8

3.0 Market Research Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 9

3.0 Market Research Struggling to determine who wants to buy your product, service or solution? 3.0 Market Research In this session, you will learn: • Who needs your products & services • Who wants what you offer • Who is selling similar “solutions” © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • Who could recommend you to your target market • The difference between suspects & prospects • How to find suspects who might want to become a customer • How to generate prospects interested in becoming customers • Where these people “hang out” & how you can reach them Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 10

4.0 Marketing Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 11

4.0 Marketing Struggling with generating leads, customers, revenue & referrals? 4.0 Marketing In this session, you will Learn • How to set new marketing objectives • How many leads you need to generate the revenue you want • What the pains, needs & motives of prospects - are. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • How to answer the question – “What do you do?” • Which online & offline tactics to use • How to engage with your target audience • How to measure all your marketing activity • How to pre-qualify every hand you shake. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 12

5.0 Financials Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 13

5.0 Financials Struggling to determine how the numbers will stack up? 5.0 Financials In this session, you will learn • How to create a NETWORTH Statement • How to calculate your START-UP costs • How to calculate your CASH FLOW requirements © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • How to register for VAT • How to create monthly BUDGETS • About different accounting solutions • The financial benefits of having the right Insurance • How to earn a potential £10,000 extra TAX FREE Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 14

6.0 Legal Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 15

6.0 Legal Struggling to determine how to protect you, your business and your assets? 6.0 Legal In this session, you will learn: • About different legal structures for your business • How to register for VAT & TAX • How to protect your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • About Insurances, Advisers & Staff • About protecting & finding premises • How to protect yourself with Agreements • The importance of Policy Documents & Licenses Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 16

7.0 Technical Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 17

7.0 Technical Struggling to determine what technology you need for your business? 7.0 Technical In this session, you will learn: • Hardware & Software Considerations • How to get productivity enhancement software for FREE • Importance of CRM & BACKUP Solutions © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • Website Publishing Platforms • Planning, Security & Ecommerce Solutions • Collaboration & Remote Access Tools • The importance of Technical Support Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 18

8.0 Funding Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 19

8.0 Funding Struggling to determine what to “include” in your business start-up plan? 8.0 Funding In this session, you will learn: • 4 Possible EXIT Strategies • 10 Possible sources of finance & start-up capital • 4 Reasons to get a business valuation other than selling © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • 5 Methods to generate a business valuation • 4 Types of Business Ratios • 8 Elements of Lending Criteria • Preparing to meet investors • Receive a fill-in-the-blanks Template Business Plan. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 20

A complete framework & system © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 We provide you with the tools, resources & checklists to complete your start-up plan Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 21

A simple, powerful & practical process We guide & support you every step of the way until your start-up plan is completed. …but it doesn’t stop there Unlike most start-up programmes, that leave you to get on with it, and thus many flounder and fail. You can continue to get support & leverage resources inside Grow Your Business® Club’s website to help you achieve your personal goals & objectives. • Test content topics, workshop themes & headlines • Test prices, discounts, payment teams & terms of service • Get feedback & opinions from real people in your marketplace • Access over 200 marketing videos and over 500 supporting blogs • Generate referrals & create new sales opportunities Stop Struggling. Start Growing. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • Test online promotional strategies, tactics & techniques

Delivered via Phone, Skype or in Person You choose the preferred communication channel for you Delivered via Phone, Skype or in Person Personal coaching delivered when you want it, how you want it.  All programme delegates receive a fill-in-the –blanks marketing plan template, providing you with the framwork you want.  Each session is accompanied with notes, checklists and other useful resources.  Each session commences with the progress you’ve made from the previous session using your personally defined KPIs. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013  Each session concludes with a summary of your “gains”, “wins” and “takeaways” from the time spent with your coach.  Sessions can be delivered in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit your personal schedule.  You can even sign up for just 1 session to put your toe in the water, and to start making the progress you need & want. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 23

Progress is Guaranteed …OR YOUR MONEY BACK. We do not suffer fools gladly. If you’re not prepared to invest 1 – 2 hours per session with a Grow Your Business Coach learning and applying what we have to share then please, DO NOT SIGN UP. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 If however, you are considering self-employment, want to work for yourself and in being your own boss. Then take action today. If you want help to formalise your thinking, create a practical plan of action for how you will manage, launch & run your business, then signup today before your competitors do. Want to read what others have to say who were at the same point you’re at now, but said “yes”, signed up, put in the effort, and applied what we share on this 8 week (3 Day Intensive) programme? Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 24

Feedback What others say: All I can say, is that I have re-visited the course many times and now I am 100% focussed on the types of clients I want (which took a while because of the size of my market), the scatter gun has been banished – I am working on my clear path to generating the marketing results I deserve and WANT. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 I can't recommend this enough, simply because its with you forever, to use as and when needed - not a hit and run, but a long lasting experience! Business Funding Specialist Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 25

Feedback What others say: Quite simply, this is the best business course I have ever been involved with. I unreservedly recommend that you stop procrastinating, and benefit from finally knowing how to conduct your business properly in the 21st century. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 You can then really walk the talk! Wine Importer Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 26

Feedback What others say: He greatly assisted me and my confidence levels by confirming ways I can promote myself and identified 5 new revenue streams for the business that I hadn’t thought of. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 If you’ve got a business idea, are about to start a new venture, or simply need marketing help then I highly recommend you calling Fraser, he really understands and knows marketing inside out Health & Lifestyle Coach Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 27

Feedback What others say: “Fraser has given me the courage and conviction to leave full time employment. He has patiently and diligently assisted me in getting my business up and running. For me, Fraser didn’t just help me with the marketing issues, the planning issues, and the MONEY side of things. No. He shares his own experiences of when the chips were down in the early days for him too. SEO Consultant Stop Struggling. Start Growing. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 He understands what its like, He’s been there, done it and was there for me too. I highly rate him, and have given him a recommendation on Linkedin too. 28

One Last Thing… …and it’s important. Imagine for a moment what it would be like; a year from now; having overcome your reservations and trepidations, successfully planned, documented, and LAUNCHED your business idea. How would you feel? How do you want to feel this time next year? How will you feel if you still haven’t taken the plunge, started trading or living the lifestyle you want? • Decide to take the plunge today. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 • Commit to holding The Grow Your Business Club accountable with getting your idea documented and your start-up plan completed. • Act now, before your competitors do Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 29

You now have 3 choices… …It’s your business. You make the decisions. You decide how much success you want. Decide: •It’s NOT for you for you’re happy to keep struggling on, wrestling with the issues, challenges & obstacles that are preventing you from working for yourself, becoming self-employed & living the lifestyle you crave. or • Not now, but maybe in 6 months time, whilst you continue to feel under valued, un-appreciated and un-fulfilled and whilst someone else cleans up and profits from your opportunity in the meantime. © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 or • YES, You recognise the importance, relevance and value of what’s on offer. You recognise you need help, want help and are prepared to roll up your sleeves and “get stuck-in”. More importantly, you love the idea of a money back guarantee - a no brainer, really! Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 30

Take Action Today Before someone else spots & profits from your opportunity. Places on the programme are limited and on a first come, first served basis. Re-read this overview in its entirety, write down any questions you have and get in touch below. And if you want just a single session or a “catalyst” brain storming session then let’s have a chat, to see how we can help you. Either Call us on +44(0)1542 841319 Email us at © Copyright Fraser J. Hay 2013 Use the “contact us” link on our website. Take Action Today Before Your Competitors Do. Stop Struggling. Start Growing. 31

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