Conservation Reel Video Workshop (2014)

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Information about Conservation Reel Video Workshop (2014)

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: aclavatelli



Conservation Reel is a project to gather and present video on art conservation and collections care in an online resource intended for museum and conservation professionals, students, and interested members of the general public. The project started in 2011 with support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

This presentation was delivered to students in the conservation programs at Buffalo State and New York University.


BPOC serves 17 museums and organizations in Balboa Park

BPOC serves 17 museums and organizations in Balboa Park

CONSERVATION REEL Introduction Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Project Manager @annachiaretta #ConservationReel

What is Conservation Reel? Funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Website Features Many layers of “taxonomy” for videos ¨  SlideShare uploads ¨  Sound file support ¨  PDF/Doc uploads ¨  Associated web links ¨  YouTube embedding to use captioning and translation features ¨  Create series of videos ¨ 

Why Video? Movement = Time + Space

Why Video? Movement = Time + Space

When does it make sense to use video? Space ¨  Time ¨  Movement ¨  Interview/Discussion ¨ 

Categories Documentation ¨  Education ¨  Examination ¨  Preventive conservation ¨  Research ¨  Treatment ¨ 

Types of video Case Study ¨  Conference lecture documentation ¨  Examination ¨  Documentation ¨  Interview/conversation ¨  Question ¨  Response ¨  Technique/demonstration ¨ 

Creating Conversation Skype interviews ¨  Google Hangout panel discussions ¨  Capture questions ¨  Respond to other videos ¨ 

Innovation ¨  Video as a lab notebook n  Experiment n  Document n  Show techniques n  Share knowledge ¨  There isn’t a wrong way to produce video n  Try out ideas n  Produce informal content

CONSERVATION REEL Creating Video Content •  •  •  •  •  •  Elements of production Equipment to use Alternative capture methods Editing/file management Planning a shoot Basic film school

Elements of Production ¨  ¨  ¨  ¨  Sound Light Stability Camera

Sound Select the appropriate microphone for your project ¨  Always use headphones when recording! ¨  Listen to the space before you start recording ¨  Turn off things that make noise that you aren’t using ¨  n  Refridgerators n  Computers n  Air ¨  vents Move away from noisy things, close doors and windows, and point your microphone away from noisy things

Light More light is always better ¨  Use desklamps & worklamps to light your subject ¨  Accounting for light color temperature ¨  Camera exposure – shutterspeed/iris ¨  Gain should only be used if there is no other option ¨ 

Stability ¨  Use a tripod unless you need to move the camera n  Around an object to show it in space n  To get closer to the work area you are showing (keep in mind you may need macro lens) n  To give a tour/move through a space ¨  Is your camera moving? n  PRACTICE the movements you will make, movement can be great to show elements of your work, but is challenging.

Camera ¨  What makes a good camera? n  Mic input n  Lux n  Zoom n  Resolution n  Manual Controls Exposure (F-stop) n  Shutter Speed n  White Balance n  Focus n  n  Full Auto is OK (first time you will ever hear this)

When content is good quality is less important

Lo-Fi Video Capture Options Consumer Handicam ¨  Smartphone Video Camera ¨  Webcam ¨  Screen Capture ¨  Stills w/ voiceover ¨ 

Tiny Production (work light, lavaliere mic, tripod, iPhone 4s)




SOUND MICROPHONE Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone ATR-3350 $24

STABILITY TRIPODS Velbon EX-330 ($40) Joby GorillaPod ($30)  

CAMERA DSLR Canon 3Ti ($600) Canon 60D ($800 used) Panasonic GH3 ($1500)

CAMERA CONSUMER PANASONIC V520 ($250) Also can livestream CANON 8GB VIXIA HF R40 ($250) Has built in memory CHECK THAT THESE HAVE MIC INPUTS

CAMERA (your phone) KV Connection iPhone Mic adapter


SOUND 2 Microphones for interview recording Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone ATR-3350 + Headphone Splitter


ALTERNATIVE METHODS cameras are everywhere! Why not use them? •  •  •  •  Quicktime Screen Capture YouTube Broadcast/Hangout YouTube Capture Now Google Hangout

Screen Capture ¨  Mac n  Quicktime Player (free) File > New Screen Recording n  Select Mic source on window that pops up n  ¨  PC n  Camstudio n  (free) Need to set resolution and select sound in options menu


YOUTUBE CAPTURE NOW You Tube + Webcam + YouTube editor

YOUTUBE CAPTURE NOW You Tube + Webcam + YouTube editor



POST-PRODUCTION •  iMovie •  YouTube editor •  Premiere Pro •  In camera editing

POST-PRODUCTION PC : Windows Movie Maker or other Free Software http:// news/software/ applications/bestfree-video-editingsoftware-9-topprograms-you-shoulddownload-1136264

POST-PRODUCTION Free: Audacity sound editing (PC and Mac)

POST-PRODUCTION Transcoding files with Quicktime ALWAYS USE HEADPHONES!

SOUND Sennheiser Wireless Mic Kit $630" AudioTechnica ATR-3350 Wired Mic $17.17"

LIGHT Impact flood style 3 kit $145

STABILITY Pearstone $70


Challenges of DSLR Video Lenses ¨  Depth of field ¨  Focus ¨  Exposure ¨  Time limits ¨ 

Modes of Production Talking Head ¨  Interview ¨  Over the shoulder ¨  Handheld examination ¨  Tour ¨  Conversation ¨ 

Modes of production

Stages of production ¨  ¨  ¨  Pre-Production •  Planning meetings •  Scripting, Storyboarding Production •  Shooting footage •  gathering supplemental content Post-Production •  Editing the acquired materials into a final product. •  Montage, graphics, color, sound mixing, etc.

Planning a Video ¨  AUDIENCE ¤  Who ¨  do you want to tell your story to? GOAL ¤  What ¨  do you want to achieve? CONTENT ¤  What do you want to say?

Audience ¨  Think about giving a speech to a crowd… Who is the 1 person you are directing that speech to? n Ex. 1 : Colleagues established as photographs conservators n Ex. 2 : Registrars working with traveling exhibitions

Goal ¨  What is the core goal of the video? ¤  Capture a technique for using a material or tool ¤  Advocate for the need of better funding of conservation ¤  Document a case study so that you have a record of how you dealt with a particular project ¤  Start dialogue with colleagues about a new material/ technology to weigh out pros and cons

Content ¨  Preparing ideas for video n Lab Tour: share the layout and tools used in the lab n  Interview: What is conservation and how does it fit into our culture as a society? n  Case Study: To document the use of a material/tool to reveal information about an artists work n  Technique: How an object can safely be displayed without visual distraction

Duration Make several short videos not one long one ¨  Keep it as short as possible ¨  Don't be precious with your content ¨  n  Cut out anything that doesn’t help explain what is happening and don’t be redundant n conserveogram/cons_toc.html

INTERVIEWS Carefully write your questions to help reach your goal

INTERVIEWS Impact flood style 3 kit $145 5-questions-gregory-smith-phd-otto-n-frenzel-iii-senior-conservation-scientist

INTERVIEWS •  Shoot videos a second time •  Pretend something went wrong if you need to convince your subject •  Test out questions to see if you are getting the types of answers you hope to •  Take your time, set up in advance •  Check light and sound •  If something goes wrong mid interview, don’t be afraid to stop the interview and start again •  Say: “That was a great thought, but someone slammed a door in the middle of it. Can you please start again?”

BASIC FILM SCHOOL Composition •  •  •  •  Space Line Light Color & Tone









Contact Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli Assistant Director of Digital Media Balboa Park Online Collaborative 2131 Pan American Plaza San Diego, CA 92104 aclavatelli @ @annachiaretta #conservationreel Conversing to Conserve |

Editing Video In-camera ¨  iMovie ¨  Adobe Premiere ¨  YouTube ¨ 

File Formats ¨  Codecs : Code / Decode n  H.264, ¨  DNXHD, Apple ProRes, Photo JPG Format/Container n  .mp4 (MP4 container), .mov (Quicktime container)… Bitrate ¨  Type dependent on end use and desired size ¨ 

Storage ¨  Archive Format n  Photo ¨  JPG Realistic Archive Format n  DNXHD, ¨  Apple ProRes, AVC-INTRA Even more realistic Archive format, but lossy n  QT H.264 full quality n  MP4 H.264 ¨  Keeping original footage

Formating for web (YouTube) Codec : H.264 ¨  Container : .mp4 ¨  Bitrate… It’s all about file size: 500 Mb – 1 Gb ¨  n  Lectures (45min +) 1-2 mbps n  Short videos 5-15 mbps n  iMovie/Movie Maker will calculate bitrates for you

Exporting ¨  Adobe Premiere Elements: n exporting-video-files/ ¨  Apple iMovie n ¨  Adobe Media Encoder n exporting-with-adobe-media-encoder/ ¨  QuickTime n exporting-files-with-quicktime.html

Storage Hard Drives ¨  Backups ¨  The Cloud ¨  Keep raw footage? ¨  “Archive” formats ¨  (be nice to IT staff)

Best Practices ¨  Video community is still working on this… n  We ¨  have piles of hard drives All files should have 2 Locations & 3 copies ¤  Example: n  Hard n  drive for active editing LaCie-Rugged-Firewire-Portable 1TB n  Backup drive for keeping current copies of EVERYTHING n  Seagate-Expansion-Desktop-External n  2nd Backup on drive /or/ Cloud n  Backblaze unlimited backup

Uploading to CR Uploading to YouTube ¨  Public vs. Unlisted ¨  Creative Commons ¨  Adding to Conservation Reel website ¨ 

What’s next? CR Video Contest ¨  Capture your current project as a case study ¨  Practice shooting interviews ¨  Lexicon Project ¨  Set up a Google Hangout panel discussion ¨ 

Resources ¨  Sound ¤  ¤  ¤  ¨  Forums ¤  ¤  ¨  ¤  B&H Photo Cinema 5D, and similar DSLR video forums Video Aggregators ¤  ¨ Product forums/lessons on Apple and Adobe websites Learning about Equipment ¤  ¨ Make friends with musicians Other Tools ¤  ¤  Transcription: File Transcoding:

Equipment Links ¨  Sound n  iPhone/iPad Adapter with headphone port n  Polsen Lav Mic, Audio-Technica Lav Mic n  Headphone splitter for using 2 Mics Belkin-Speaker-and-Headphone-Splitter ¨  Tripods n  Joby GorillaPod n  Big Joby GorillaPod n  Learning about Equipment ¨  Retailer n

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli Project Manager of Conservation Reel Thank you Susan Chun, Chair of Conservation Reel Advisory Committee Conservation Reel Advisory Committee BPOC Development Team IMA Conservation and Conservation Science Departments Balboa Art Conservation Center Buffalo State Art Conservation Program NYU Art Conservation Program Conversing to Conserve |

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