Consequences of war & WMD

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Information about Consequences of war & WMD

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: mraali



AQA Short Course RE- War and Peace Module
Intro to consquences of war&weapons of mass destruction...

How many words can you make from: Consequences of war

Learning objectives:  To identify the consequences of war.  To evaluate if wars are ever just.

In pairs, choose a war you would like to research, and complete your research sheet.  Extension: ‘Wars create more problems than they solve’. What do you think? Explain your opinion. (3 marks)  See your mark scheme to look at how to answer a 3 mark question!


‘Some wars are necessary to bring about a greater good.’  Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, including more than one point of view. Refer to religious arguments in your answer. For Against Religious view My view Evaluate the Religious view

What mark would you give it? What did they do well? What could they do to improve? Rewrite your answer to improve it!

What would cause someone to do this?

Learning intentions:  To understand the meaning of weapons of mass destruction.  Explore the arguments for and against.

Complete the cloze activity.  Extension: How do WMD change the war is fought?

Video: The story of an idea  Why was the Red Cross/Red Crescent started?  Who does it help?  For each way that the Red Cross/Red Crescent helps people, draw a labelled picture:  Medical care for wounded soldiers  Supervises treatment of prisoners of war  Searches for missing people  Protects civilians

Do you think these symbols are neutral? Why?

Explain the attitudes of religious believers to helping people in war. For 2 marks: Point – For 2 marks: Point – Evidence – Evidence – Explanation – Explanation – To begin with... Similarly... Alternatively... The reasons for this... Additionally... They believe this because...

As a soldier I would argue that... As a humanitarian, I would argue that... I think... As a Christian I would argue that... Fill in their arguments

3 – key terms learnt and their meanings 2 – Organisations that work to help victims 1 – reason why a Christian or Muslim should support the organisations

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