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Information about Conscientious

Published on September 29, 2015

Author: frankcalberg


1. How conscientious are you?

2. Part # 1 People who are very conscientious

3. Conscientuous people are always prepared.

4. Examples of conscientious behaviour  Arrive early for meetings.  Double-check writing for spelling. p. 120.

5. Conscientiuous people tend to be happier with themselves and do what they think is right according to the cultural context.

6. People, who score high on conscientiousness tend to  be self-disciplined.  follow socially prescribed rules and norms.

7. Respondents from poor countries tend to describe themselves as more conscientious than those from wealthier countries., p. 74 and 80.

8. Research shows that creative people are both conscientious and not conscientious at the same time. For example, creative people tend to take more risks and be more impulsive (low conscientiousness) but they also see themselves as competent and hard- working (high conscientiousness).

9. Development tips for people who are very conscientious Ask questions.

10. Part # 2 People who are not conscientious

11. People who are low in conscientiousness tend to be spontaneous and impulsive.

12. Development tips for people who are not conscientious  Sleep on it before making a decision.  Consult a ”devil’s advocate”.

13. In order to be more conscientious, we need to become more self-aware. How well do you know yourself?

14. Further inspiration

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