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Information about Conquistadors

Published on February 5, 2009

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Warm Up *Copy on back of Conquistador foldable An Aztec citizen asked a Spanish Conquistador, “What do you do with all of the gold? Do you eat it?” Hernan Cortes told the Aztecs that his men “had a disease of the heart that only gold could cure.”According to Cortes, what disease can gold “cure?”

Conquistadors: Effects on theIncas and Aztecs


• Pyramids• Canals• Bridges• floating gardens• a zoo• Art• calendar

Feathered serpent god that would appear in human form from the EASTAztecs believed Cortes on horseback (never seen this animal) was this god including Moctezuma who sent him gifts

• Aztec emperor• Unsuccessfully attempted to keep Cortes on the coast using gifts & diplomacy• Captured by Cortes, taken hostage, & killed in fighting

• Spanish conquistador• Sailed with 11 ships, 900 soldiers, sailors, Cubans, and Africans to Mesoamerica (Central America)• Conquered Aztec Empire for GOLD(wealth), GOD, GLORY!***Interesting fact – Cortes sank own ships when his men feared laying siege to the Aztec capital

• Aztec capital• Island city (5 square miles) with canals used as streets• Society was advanced & encouraged art, music, poetry, crafts• Economy: artisans, farming, warriors, priests, merchants, govt officials• Floating gardens, white buildings, fountains, palaces, & a private zoo

• Aided by Dona Marina (female Native Amer. slave) & neighboring Natives, he sailed into the capital• Used canon fire, guns, & smallpox to conquer the city & claim it for Spain• Sent boatloads of GOLD and silver back to Spain

• Christian Native American• Aided Cortes as a translator• Considered a traitor by the Natives• Real name = Malinche

• Contagious disease• Often results in DEATH• Brought by the Spanish• Many Aztecs succumbed to the disease• Partially responsible for Cortes’ victory

• Site of shrines dedicated to Aztec gods• Polytheistic society• Used human sacrifice to honor & appease the gods



• Polytheistic society rooted in nature• Advanced system of roads, communication, gold & silver treasures, artwork• After: religious items were destroyed by the Spanish; smallpox epidemics destroyed their empire

• Incan ruler• Captured, held hostage, ransomed for 11 tons of gold ($6 million) & executed by Pizarro

CUZCO• Capital of Incan empire• Empire extended along the Pacific coast and Andean highlands

• Spanish conquistador• Conquered the Incas with ruthless violence

• With military might• He & his men slaughtered over 2000 unarmed Incas & injured over 5000 at Cajamarca

COOL DOWN Got Injustice? *respond on back of Conquistador foldableGive examples of modern day scenarios when people take advantage of others.

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