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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: Gulkund


Focusing on the student perspective: how are students really using technologies for learning:  Gráinne Conole UMSLG / UHSL Open Forum Monday 14 May 2007 e-learning in health and medicine Focusing on the student perspective: how are students really using technologies for learning Learner Experiences Project:  LXP Student experiences Subject discipline differences Uses of technologies Effective e-learning strategies Learner Experiences Project M. de Laat - Exeter, T. Dillon – Bristol, J. Darby – Open University Slide3:  Slide4:  What four technologies do you use most? Slide5:  The first thing I do when given any piece of word is type it into a search engine! this gives me the opportunity to see how different people interpret the title. from there i can focus on one main idea and use the electronic resources to support my initial findings or indeed rule them out. E-mail is always vital with communicating with different mediums. teachers for support I use email to communicate with everyone, especially lecturers; arranging meetings, asking questions about work and queries over assignments etc I write all my assignments using Word and to sort through the information I find, make notes of what I still need to do and spell check my emails that I'm sending to lecturers. Search engines are used to find news articles I use them [technologies] to find out information for assignments, and also to help me clarify my notes on each subject area that I study. Instant messaging is used to discuss issues with friends if a topic is not understood My PDA is useful for reading things when I'm on the move Survey qualitative data Learner voices:  Learner voices Slide7:  Today I used my mobile phone to contact a friend from the same course to ask them where I could get my cover sheet for my essay to hand in today. I had to do this basically because I searched the university web site and I couldn’t find one and I didn’t have one on my computer so I had to ring my friend because I knew he had printed one out for himself earlier in the day… Well basically the mobile phone, … if I didn’t have one I wouldn’t have been able to do this ….I was able to contact XX and ask him where I could find one… I found one on another student’s home page who’d put it up there conveniently so that a lot of people could get it so that was pretty handy and I’ll remember that in the future. Audio logs:  Internet sites for meanings and glossary Mobile phone find out about course work MSM chat to send coursework to friends Mobile to text class mates to get exam hints Blogs for personal reflection Internet/search engines to verify concepts Internet to research an essay Google using keywords/phrase Wikipedia and podcasts Voice recorder for collecting interview data USB stick to transfer data between home and uni to check words Podcasts from English language sites Updating E-Portfolio from the hospital University VLE site to access lectures and check calendar Audio logs Slide9:  Learner voices: Laura Patterns of use:  Patterns of use Slide11:  Content Changing nature of content (more available, lower intrinsic value, higher interactivity and standards) Cost and value Materials and information freely available on the Internet Perceived worth of content Presentation Use of multimedia to improve presentation Expectations of good quality content Evaluation New skills for assessing content Skills to ensure work is authentic Communication Different tools for different things Internet to access expert knowledge 'With anyone about anything anytime' Collaboration New forms of collaboration – smart tools and web2.0 Distributed cognition Environment:  Environment Media Changing media – increase of USB pens, ipods, mps players, integrated phones, better screen displays for reading Motivation Gaming generation, used to highly, engaging and entertaining environment Interactivity Evidence of a shift from passive to interactive interactions across all aspects of their learning Near ubiquitous Many now have their own PCs and wireless internet access – becoming accustomed to being able to access information or contact people on demand, anywhere Perceptions:  Perceptions Comfortable with technology, see it as integral Critically aware of the pros and cons Sophisticated and varied use of different communication tools for different purposes Access to up to date and relevant information and resources vital Don’t see technology as anything special – another tool to support their learning Mismatch between institutions perceptions of student use of technology and actual use Shifting sands….:  Shifting sands…. Pervasive and integrated Extensive use of tools for everything Personalised Adapted to personal needs Social Networked peer community Interactive Content not fixed 'Underworld' and mismatch Using tools in unintended ways Time The ‘now’ culture In-depth study of work-based students:  In-depth study of work-based students How students learn using tools across different boundaries? Strategies they use to manage the process Barriers/enablers, key critical moments Relationship between student practice and institutional policy

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