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Information about Connectors

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: alinaemma



This presentation deals with a range of connectors and includes examples of their use in context. The connectors covered include: morever, nevertheless, in addition to, in spite of, in spite of the fact that, despite, despite the fact that, as well as


MOREOVER  Furthermore  In addition to this  Besides  I can’t go to the cinema. I am very busy, besides/in addition to this/moreover, I don’t like horror movies.

Nevertheless  Jodi is a very careful driver, nevertheless, she had a number of minor accidents.

Moreover  Jodi is a very careful driver, she always wears her seatbelt, moreover, she never texts when driving.

Nevertheless  But  However  They didn’t work hard, nevertheless they won the game.

In spite of + NOUN  In spite of the rain  In spite of the fact that it was raining  In spite of the pain, he finished the race.  Despite the pain he finished the race.

In spite of the fact that …  In spite of the fact that his leg hurt, he finished the race.  Despite the fact that his leg hurt, he finished the race.

Despite + NOUN/Gerund  Despite being a great place to visit, Rome has terrible traffic problems.

Despite the fact that  Despite the fact that Rome is a wonderful place to visit, it has terrible traffic problems.

In addition to  In addition to being a good student, Roger works very hard.  Roger works very hard, in addition to this, he is a very good student.

In addition to  He has a flat in London. In addition to this, he has a villa in Italy.  In addition to his flat in London, he has a villa in Italy.

As well as = and  I am keen on ice-cream as well as on chocolate.  Monica as well as Veronica attended the class.  Be kind as well as generous.

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