Connecting the City of Melbourne with HootSuite

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Information about Connecting the City of Melbourne with HootSuite
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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: hootsuite



Governments are tapping into social media to keep their citizens informed and engaged. The City of Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city, is progressive, innovative and sustainable. To uphold this and connect with citizens, the City of Melbourne revamped their social strategy.
Discover how they met their top goals with the help of HootSuite Enterprise Solutions.

Case Study: Connecting the City of Melbourne with HootSuite Introduction Governments of all sizes strive to keep their citizens informed and engaged. In an attempt to open up a dialogue between the municipal governments and their citizens, many are turning to social media as a way to increase accessibility, transparency and to amplify information that the public might need. Using HootSuite, these government groups are able to manage their social media channels securely, while listening to and engaging with people effectively. At HootSuite we offer a robust set of social media tools to help government organisations effectively and securely manage their social media strategies. Use HootSuite to listen and track your social conversations, securely collaborate with team members, engage with your followers, schedule messages, and analyse your social media metrics. The City of Melbourne is known as a progressive, innovative, sustainable city that is internationally recognised for its diversity and livability. They also recognise the importance of implementing an effective social media strategy to connect with their citizens in a way that increases awareness about all the city has to offer, as well as helping to support, promote and provide services to the public. The City of Melbourne is a local government area in Victoria, Australia, located in the central city area of Melbourne. The city has an area of 36 square kilometres and had a population of 93,625 people at the 2011 Census. “Our audience use social media heavily and so a dialogue with them is essential. Plus we have a vast amount to offer and share about the world’s most liveable city.” City of Melbourne HootSuite Media Inc. City of Melbourne Case Study | 1

The Challenge The City of Melbourne wanted to continue to improve their ongoing social media strategy and connect effectively with their citizens. With this in mind, they set out they set out to reach the following goals: XX Social Media Management: Create digital strategies for the City Of Melbourne’s sites and channels and manage all social networks from one dashboard. XX Social Customer Service: Connect directly and engage effectively with Melbourne citizens in effort to learn more about what their audience needed. XX Social Marketing: Provide Melbourne citizens with an accessible way to stay informed about news and information to do with their city through social media. ◦◦Maintain a consistent social media presence while still decentralising communication to various departments Achieving Success In order to accomplish all of the objectives of their social media initiative, the City of Melbourne relied on the following tools in the HootSuite Dashboard: “HootSuite provides real time, mobile, collaborative input and we monitor for our core channels (FB, TW & G+). This helps us maintain contact with our audience of today and build our audience for tomorrow.” City of Melbourne “HootSuite is a service we used in the past for other Melbourne businesses and this was again chosen for it’s mobility, collaborative tools and ability to monitor our key customer channels in one place.” Cross functional collaboration • The City of Melbourne wanted to collaborate and improve communication with internal team members. With HootSuite Teams they were able to give team members different levels of permissions which would then enable them to be involved in whatever way was most effective. Some team members were responsible for planning, scheduling and customer response while others were responsible for monitor and review. Tapping into the voice of their citizens • The City of Melbourne needed to track and respond to brand mentions and conversations. They used Keyword Search Streams to track responses, and respond to their audience. HootSuite Media Inc. City of Melbourne Case Study | 2

Mapping out your social media strategy • Some of the team members needed a tool that could help them plan out and schedule upcoming social messaging. They used HootSuite’s scheduling tools to effectively map out their upcoming social initiatives. Insight into ROI and engagement • The City of Melbourne needed metrics on their social media ROI as well an understanding of level of their social media engagement. HootSuite Analytics allowed their team leaders who were responsible for the City of Melbourne’s social strategy to pull metrics and provide visibility into how their social strategy was doing. • They then used HootSuite Analytics to communicate the results of their social media efforts to their leadership team. • The City of Melbourne also needed weekly and monthly analytic reports. They used HootSuite to access Google analytics and manual statistics to compare themselves to other key local and international council social sites. “HootSuite has made our social media management significantly more effective and I would definitely recommend HootSuite to other organisations.” City of Melbourne Taking HootSuite on the Road The City of Melbourne needed to be able to manage their social media channels on the go. They used HootSuite’s mobile app to maintain their online presence. Results The City of Melbourne was successful in improving their social media digital strategy. With the help of HootSuite Enterprise solutions, they were able to successfully connect with 325 000 followers, and increase awareness of the city’s offerings across 80 Social Media channels. 335,000 followers & subscribers, 70 Social Media channels across the organisation 25 posts on channels per day. HootSuite Media Inc. City of Melbourne Case Study | 3

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