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Published on December 7, 2010

Author: SidneyEve



by @sidneyeve

Connected Teachingsocial and mobile toolsto engage next gen learners a presentation by Sidneyeve Matrix Queens University

teaching the connected cohort... images of FILM240X: left KatrinaK.,right: niki*k the age of Wikipedia Google Facebook

tech-forward initiativesstrongly appeal to Gen Yimage: presta

the challenge:designing new learning environmentsto support established pedagogical goals image: Louis Abate

plugged-in courses drive student engagementimage: Matteo.Mazzoni in all their courses because...

plugged-in courses seem more relevant content easier to rememberleads to higher outcomes

Teaching with technologytakes time.

defining strategic objectivespedagogies + platforms

for exampleobjective: encourage participation via user-generated content image: Samantha Decker

source: socialized course website user-generated content prominently displayed: Flickr Twitter Facebook

objective: encourage participation via smartphones

leveraging smartphones for example course #hashtag jumping on the backchannel

.mobifor examplesmartphone optimizedcourse site withmobile ready content

QR codesclose the loop between online and offline

for exampleuse QR codes on powerpoint slideto deliver mobile content-on-demand

use QR codes and mobile learning techto teach history, space & place

for exampleQRcodes on lab equipment encode user instructions or a HELP emergency phone #

free QR code generator

objective: increase perceived georelevance through geotaggingimage: practicalowl

for examplegeotagged videosdigital storytelling

objective:increase engagement and interactivitywith the content & with their peers

for example, tryin-class pollingcustomize the course

use polling to inspire debate about current events i>clicker poll Do you think this warning was necessary? A. Absolutely B. Likely C. Undecided D. Doubtful E. No

other ways to make the askonline & mobile polls + surveys iPad ready

social pollsfor example + surveys

objective:teach digital literacy

technomentoringfor example, try and reverse mentoring bridging digital generation gaps image: Nicole Lee

for examplestart aclass group promote students, help them connect, support them to professionalize their digital footprint

for exampledirect students to a mavenmicroblogger in your industry

objective:increase perceived relevance

find newsworthy and shareable links between course content, culture & community

for examplepagecasting

pagecastingrss feed aggregation

social bookmarkingfor example, tryindex & share the best of the web

for example user- generated student- generated prof- generateduserspublic tagsbookmarkingor privategroup

objective:support collaboration image: tripu

LMS testing for example, tryopen-book, web-enhanced, social assessmentP2P transmission of digital skills

wikisfor example, try

for example wiki

niche socnets for example, try

for examplening

blogfor example, tryinward or outward facing

for exampleblogger


objective:self-directed learning

for example, tryphoto sharingubiquity of the cell cam image: Mr. T in DC

for example photosharing295 items49 members

photo blogging free themes and platforms

objective:overflow effect encouraging students to spend more time engaged with their courses

for example, tryvideo coursecasting remedial, ESL. visual learners, exam cram!

supplemental media on demand

for examplevideo lectures

morselized contentagile & available on-demand course videos

for example, trydigital flipcards

image: withgalenconnected teachingencourages next gen learnersmobile&digitalcompetence image: christopher frier brown

image: Leo Reynoldsabout the author Sidneyeve
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Dept. for
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 @sidneyeve Alike

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