Connected Car Services - Generalizing and Simplifying Telematics

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Information about Connected Car Services - Generalizing and Simplifying Telematics

Published on September 10, 2016

Author: ToralfRichter


1. Connected Car Services Generalizing and Simplifying Telematics Toralf Richter, @ToralfRichter Director Engineering, TomTom Telematics

2. Why I Am Here, Who I Am, and What to Expect Connected Car Services2 What to expect?

3. Starting Point Fleet Management (WEBFLEET®) Connected Car Services3

4. “Think of fleet management as a specific rendering of telematics & telemetry which in turn is a specific rendering of IoT” • “traditional” business of TomTom Telematics (for more than 15 years) • leading provider in Europe (Berg Insight) with 45,000+ customers and 625,000+ vehicles subscribed • B2B, “blue collar” • light and heavy commercial vehicles • “bread & butter” use cases often don’t require advanced sensor data • large partner eco-system with 300+ software and integration partners Connected Car Services4 Roots and Traditions Fleet Management Services and Platform

5. WEBFLEET® Platform Facts Connected Car Services5

6. Next Destination “Ubiquitous” Connected Car Services Connected Car Services6

7. Telematics Service Platform One platform enabling multiple applications and use cases around the “Connected Car” 7 Internet of ThingsConnected Vehicle Big dataData security API’s Reporting ConnectivityData privacy Map data Vehicle knowledge Service Platform: Fleet management Car Service Provider ConsumerInsurance Lease Rental Connected Car Services

8. 3rd Party Connected Car Services Same Functionality / Data • vehicle status (e.g. coolant, fuel) • peace of mind (e.g. doors locked?) • position data (e.g. locate my car) • alerts (e.g. passive movement) • driving behavior (e.g. insurance) • reporting (e.g. logbook) • vehicle maintenance • break down assistance • … Aftermarket Solution 3rd Party Data Connected Car Services8

9. TomTom Telematics Service Platform - Schematics Connected Car Services9 vehicle TomTom Telematics Service Platform (Simplified) user Interaction, integration, custom(er) applications TomTom Hardware 3rd Party Hardware 3rd Party Data Middleware/Pre-Processing Inbound/OutboundSignalProcessing/ CorePlatformandApplicationsServiceAPIs ChannelAPIs configura -tion data reporting data (long-term retention, configurable) aggregates and enriched data raw sensor and telemetry data WEBFLEET (FMS) Dealer Portal Lease Portal Driver Portal Rental Portal OEM Portal Driver Apps DataGovernance “DataGovernance” “DataGovernance” master data Insurance Backoffice Driver Apps

10. “Let’s Dance” Dodging the Innovator’s Dilemma and Other Challenges Connected Car Services10

11. The Innovator’s Dilemma and Other Challenges Key challenges in the transition to a general purpose connected car services Connected Car Services11 Fleet Management Platform (single-purpose) TomTom Telematics Service Platform (general purpose) Generalization New Technical Aspects Organizational

12. Deep Vehicle Insight (as a Managed Service) Connected Car Services12 Sensors & Sensor Networks • CAN Bus • OBD • GPS • accelerometer • gyroscope • … Telematics Service Platform • processing + enrichment • storage + retrieval • “distillation of meaning” and actionable advice • access control, • infrastructure • … On Board Unit / Black Box • communication uplink • filtering + routing • aggregation • … Internet Access • on-demand • indirection shields the vehicle • …

13. Middleware and Telematics Data Normalization Connected Car Services13 Telematics Service Platform TomTom Telematics fleet OBU OEM factory–fitted telematics OBU TomTom Telematics „connected car“ OBU 3rd party aftermarket telematics OBU Middleware Normalized* telematics data

14. Modularity & Extensibility as Platform Value Connected Car Services14 “After a decade of providing APIs our focus now is to make a UI platform that is open and accessible to developers.” UI Platform Widgets + Components

15. Organization Drives Architecture Conway's Law at work (observations on the "Mirroring Hypothesis“) Connected Car Services15 Architecture / Patterns • micro-services, loose-coupling • modularization, components • standard stack • pace-layered architecture Organization / Team Challenges • teams in different sites collaborate • many new joiners • externals / contract workers • cross-functional deliverables Standard Stack

16. The End Summary, Quiz, and Questions Connected Car Services16

17. Transition from single-purpose fleet management platform to a general purpose Telematics Service Platform. Connected Car Services based on full aftermarket solution or 3rd party data are the next objective. Deep Vehicle Insight results from connecting sensor networks in the vehicle to the “Internet of things”. Modularity and extensibility are important platform values. Mirroring of organizational to system structure seems to be observable. TL;DR Connected Car Services17

18. Quiz When you hear TomTom, what do you think first? 18 Automotive Supplier? ConnectedCar ServiceProvider? TheNavigation Company? DigitalMapping? Connected Car Services

19. You. Your car. Connected. @ToralfRichter Thank you Any questions? We are hiring the brightest minds in SaaS and embedded engineering for our engineering sites in Leipzig, Barcelona, and Berlin Leipzig + Berlin: Barcelona:

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