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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Alex27Hales



Use the effective mediums of professional business communication with vtelecom. For further details, check this guide or visit

Affordable Telecommunications In Australia 1800 VTELECOM (1800 883 532) CCOONNNNEECCTT TTOO TTHHEE WWOORRLLDD ~~ WWiitthh vvTTeelleeccoomm

FFoorr HHoommee Home Broadband & Landline Bundle 11Say hello to convenience and say goodbye to uncertainty with a combo pack that contains a landline and a high-speed internet connection and enjoy round-the-clock connectivity with ADSL2+ data connection. Staying in touch and staying connected have never been so easy because you can make unlimited local and standard national calls from your landline. Find more at : Home Broadband 22Turn your home into an entertainment hub with superfast internet. There’s never a dull moment at home with an ADSL2+ broadband connection, click to go from limited entertainment options to virtually infinite choices. Enjoy uninterrupted online video streaming with HDTV quality because ADSL2+ raises your entertainment standards while providing multiple functional benefits like staying in touch with family and friends through new technology communication tools. Find more at : Home Landline 33Live in a world with no boundaries. Now, there is no need to keep track of the number of calls you make or the length of each call. You can make as many calls as you want to within Australia from your landline. Make unlimited number of calls to local, national and mobile numbers within Australia. Staying in touch with family and friends has never been this easy and you can get a new landline number or transfer your existing landline number. Find more at :

FFoorr BBuussiinneessss Business Broadband & Landline Bundle 11Get consistent internet speed all throughout with no off-peak periods. Enjoy uninterrupted online video streaming, download and upload large files in minutes. Enjoy the best of value and volume with our Broadband and Landline Business Bundle. Find more at : Business Broadband 22The ADSL2+ Broadband connection from vTelecom virtually puts your business in orbit and connects with a world of possibilities at superfast speeds of up to 20Mbps. Staying online 24/7 enables you to make lightning fast business decisions with just a few clicks. Information is power and a high-speed internet connection gives you multiple strategic advantages, No more waiting for files to upload or download! Going from planning to action is now just a matter of a few minutes. Find more at : Business Landline 33Leverage the most powerful business communication tool. What’s one of the most essential business communication tools that you need to succeed today? If you are thinking about some fancy new gadget, think again. It’s the telephone. Not just any telephone but a landline telephone. Most importantly it is one that enables you to make and receive unlimited calls. That’s why we created our Business Landline product. It is especially designed to cater to the business communication needs of enterprises. Find more at :

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