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Published on October 19, 2008

Author: ConiOtto


Slide1:  Presented by Coni Otto High Tech – High Touch Marketing Slide2:  What is SendoutCards? Slide3:  High Tech – High Touch Marketing FEATURES:  FEATURES ONLINE GREETING CARDS Personal (ie: Birthday, sympathy, Just because Business (Thank you, Just Listed, Just Sold) Hotel (Thank groups for coming, send out reminders, direct marketing) Car Sales ( Thanks for your referrals, thanks for buying a car from me) Accountants (Thanks for your business, reminders, new tax laws) Chiropractors (Thanks for your business, direct marketing, time for a check up Doctors (appt. reminder postcards, announcements, coupons) Plus a lot more………… PICTURE POSTCARDS, GREETING CARDS, BROCHURES Customize cards with business cards Coupons Discounts So many creative ideas…. CLIENT AND PERSONAL GIFTS WITH CARDS Gift cards Candy, teas, brownies, cookies Motivational books, magazines, and gifts FEATURES:  FEATURES ONLINE DATABASE WITH CALENDAR REMINDER Multiple Contact Labels Ability to store Birthday and Anniversary CAMPAIGN ABILITY: Mass mail one card to multiple people Send multiple cards to one person on a DRIP schedule PERSONALIZED WRITING Personalize cards with your own A - Z font UPLOAD 4 Personalized SIGNATURES PERSONLIZED SIGNATURE FORM:  PERSONLIZED SIGNATURE FORM 7 – 10 Days Once Mailed! FEATURES:  FEATURES ABILITY TO SEND CARDS UP TO 4 YEARS IN ADVANCE ABILITY TO CANCEL ANY SENT CAMPAIGN AND GET 100% CREDIT BACK OF UNSENT CARDS BUILD AS MANY CAMPAIGNS AS YOU WISH! THIS IS A ONE TOUCH PAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK PROSPECTING BENEFITS:  BENEFITS NEVER FORGET FAMILY AND FRIENDS AGAIN! ONE TOUCH DRIP MARKETING ABILITY TO BE PAID BACK 5% of Personal Card Make a paycheck back on Usage 2% of Others Slide9:  What is THE COST TO BE A SENDER OF CARDS WITH SEND OUT CARDS? Slide10:  POINTS OVERVIEW 1 POINT: POSTCARD 2 POINTS: GREETING CARD 3 POINTS: 3 PANEL CARD ADD 1 POINTS IF Picture Plus is used Slide11:  POINTS VALUE WHOLESALE POINT: .31 RETAIL POINT: .49 Breakdown your Points Model:  Breakdown your Points Model It takes 50 cards a month to use up $31 worth of points. It takes 4.3 boxes of brownies with a PP card a month to use up $31 worth of points. It takes 4.3 boxes of cookies with a PP card a month to use up $31 worth of points. It takes 1.9 Beach Money books with a PP card a month to use up $31 worth of points. It takes 1.47, 6 month subscriptions of Success Magazines with a PP card a month to use up $31 worth of points. Slide13:  RETAIL PACKAGE 2 RETAIL PACKAGES Retail Package #1 (One Time Fee) $99 Retail Package Plus! Includes PicturePlus™       (49¢ per point, Auto-Order required)  $24.50/month (50 points)       $9.80/month (20 points)       Slide14:  WHOLESALE PACKAGE PLUS $298 Wholesale Package Plus! ONE TIME FEE       Includes: System License, PicturePlus™, 200 points, 1 handwriting font package $31.00 Auto-Order (100 Points/month) or $15.50 Auto-Order (50 Points/month) Slide15:  ENTREPRENUER PACKAGE $398 Entrepreneur Package Plus! (one time fee) GET 5% BACK OF OWN USAGE 2% OF OTHERS ONE TIME FEE and 35.00 annual renewal for License     Includes: Distributor Kit, System License, PicturePlus™, Treat'em Right Seminar, 200 points, 1 handwriting font package,and the DVD Program Slide16:  As a USER of SOC… YOU GET CAMPAIGNS! CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS 1 YEAR CLOSED CLIENT FOLLOW UP WITH GIFT less than 50.00 (84 points = 26.04 + postage and shipping) Clients gets a personalized card monthly thanking them for using you! ALSO: 3 gifts per year Chocolate at Valentines Candy at Halloween Cookies at Christmas *GIFTS OPTIONAL CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS EXPIRED LISTING FOLLOW UP 5.20 TOTAL 1 card every day for and 5 days and a gift *GIFTS OPTIONAL TOTAL is 20.00 with gift! CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS NEW CLIENTS As little as $3.12 TOTAL 3 Cards dripped 1st 2 weeks CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS ONE YEAR FARMING Less than $7.00 Per Household 12 Postcards Cards dripped over 1 year CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS New Client 6 cards 1st 30 Days The best $6.42 EVER SPENT CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS F.S.B.O (For Realtors) 13 cards over 45 Days THE G.I.V.E. System CAMPAIGNS:  CAMPAIGNS MAKE THEM LOVE YOU DRIPS A CARD AND A GIFT EACH MONTH SALONS SCHOOL STAFF CAR SALESMAN BANKERS Contractors ANY SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK $15.00 per BUSINESS TO PROSPECT! Slide24:  MORE ON PICTURE PLUS! Slide25:  LOTS OF IDEAS… PICTURE PLUS :  PICTURE PLUS PICTURE PLUS :  PICTURE PLUS Slide28:  GREAT GIFTS SAVE TIME – GAS - MONEY GIFTS :  GIFTS GIFTS :  GIFTS GIFTS :  GIFTS GIFTS :  GIFTS MORE GIFTS :  MORE GIFTS GIFT CARDS INCLUDED:  GIFT CARDS INCLUDED 4 Restaurants in 1 Card Chili's Grill & Bar® Romano's Macaroni Grill® On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina® Maggiano's Little Italy® American Express Barnes & Noble Bed Bath & BeyondBlockbuster Canadian 6 in 1 Variety Card Home Depot Starbucks Coffee,Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic WalMart Slide35:  Now Go Make a Card! It is soooo Easy! Send a FREE CARD ON ME!! :  Send a FREE CARD ON ME!! just paste link into your browser Contact Coni:  Contact Coni Cell Phone: 240-483-7556 Email: Home Office: 301-604-5115

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