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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Latou2ka


Confusing Words!: Confusing Words! How do we use them correctly? Some words look and sound similar:: Some words look and sound similar: Understanding them correctly = using them correctly Understanding them will eliminate confusion You will see these forever Remember, practice makes perfect! 1. To/Too/Two: 1. To/Too/Two To – Going somewhere or towards Too- Also, or an amount Two- The number 2 Let’s Look at Examples…: Let’s Look at Examples… I went to my grandma’s house . There are too many cookies! I have two cats. 2. There, Their, They’re: 2. There, Their, They’re There – Shows location Their – Belongs to a person/group They’re – Mean “they are” This is called a contraction Ready For Examples?: Ready For Examples? I went there once. Their dog is so cute! They’re both my friends. M akes sense to say “they are.” 3. Its/It’s: 3. Its/It’s Its - Belonging to something/someone It’s – Means “it is” This is also a contraction Practice Makes Perfect!: Practice Makes Perfect! The dog loves its owner. Its mother is a big dog It’s time to leave. I think it’s too cold out. (Review!) 4. Accept/Except: 4. Accept/Except Accept- To receive or take something Except- To exclude or leave out Look at These Examples…: Look at These Examples… I accept ed the birthday present. I can’t accept this grade. I like all of them except one. They all like it, except me. 5. Loose/Lose: 5. Loose/Lose Loose- To not be tight Lose – To misplace or not win Lose a game or a toy See If You Understand…: See If You Understand… I didn’t mean to lose it. I hate losing in soccer. That shirt is too loose. Remember this is like an amount! 6. Than/Then: 6. Than/Then Than – Comparing two or more things Then- Order of events or time Practice Your Understanding: Practice Your Understanding Apples are bigger than grapes. We’ll go home, then eat. 11:00? I was sleeping then . Practice…: Practice… I have to/two/too much homework. There/they’re/their dogs are cute. It’s hard to accept/except bad grades. The baby wants it’s/its mom. I have to/ two / too much homework. There/they’re/ their dogs are cute. It’s hard to accept /except bad grades. The baby wants it’s/ its mom. Just A Little More…: Just A Little More… I’m not going to lose/loose this. Do homework then/than watch TV. There’s to/two/too pieces of candy. They all went except/accept me. I’m not going to lose /loose this. Do homework then /than watch TV. There’s to/ two /too pieces of candy. They all went except /accept me. Work Cited:: Work Cited: Sarah . "Another Great Chocolate Chip Recipe." Blogger , 31 Aug. 2010 . Web.   Destination360, ed. “Atlantis Bahamas .” 2014. Web.   Spark. “Being Left Out Is Bad For Your Health” April 18, 2011. Web.   “How to Wear Baggy Pants & Look Stylish” November 2, 2012 . Web. Ambernectar13. "apples & grapes to be juiced." Flickr. December 7, 2011. Web. Creative Commons Attribution.

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