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Published on December 11, 2008

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Conformity (Chapter 8) : Conformity (Chapter 8) Conformity : Conformity How sensitive are people to social forces? Conformity : Conformity Sherif’s studies of norm formation Examined whether people will conform in absence of direct pressure Slide 4: Sherif’s Study 10 8 6 4 2 0 trial 1 trial 2 trial 3 trial 4 Guess (in inches) Participant 1 Participant 2 What did Sherif’s study demonstrate? : What did Sherif’s study demonstrate? Informational influence Conformity that results from accepting evidence about reality provided by other people Motivated by desire to be correct Leads to acceptance – conforming because you truly believe in the behavior Informational Influence : Informational Influence When does it occur? When the situation is ambiguous When others appear to be experts Mass suggestibility Slide 7: Conformity Asch’s Classic Conformity Studies (1955) standard comparisons 1 2 3 Asch’s Classic Conformity Study : Asch’s Classic Conformity Study Again, people conformed in absence of direct pressure! 75% conformed at least once 37% of all responses were conforming What did Asch’s study demonstrate? : What did Asch’s study demonstrate? Normative influence Conformity based on a person’s desire to gain approval or acceptance from others Leads to compliance – publicly conforming even though privately you don’t believe in the behavior Normative Influence : Normative Influence When does it occur? When membership in the group is important When the group has at least three group members Normative Influence : Normative Influence When there is unanimous consensus among group members If confederate gives non-conforming, wrong answer, conformity decreases When response is public When no prior commitment If you answer 1st, you stick to your non-conforming answer Asch and Social Impact Theory : Asch and Social Impact Theory Number As number in group goes up, so does conformity (to a point) Strength As status and importance of others goes up, so does conformity Jaywalkers study Immediacy not manipulated Compliance Techniques : Compliance Techniques Foot-in-the-door Technique people who have agreed to a small request are more likely to comply later with a larger, related request Foot-in-the-Door : Foot-in-the-Door Drive Safely Study Some people asked first to put small sticker in window Will you put ugly billboard in yard? 65% in sticker condition said yes 20% in billboard-only condition said yes Why does this work? People don’t want to be inconsistent Compliance Techniques : Compliance Techniques Low-balling Technique After getting people to agree to a small request, the requester changes the terms of the agreement Car salespeople Low-Balling : Low-Balling Extra Credit Study Students asked to participate in study If told upfront study was at 7am – 31% complied If told after agreed to participate – 56% complied Why does this work? Once people make a decision, they feel committed to it Compliance Techniques : Compliance Techniques Door-in-the-face Technique After a person turns down a large, unreasonable request, people are more likely to comply when the requester offers a more reasonable request. Door-in-the-face : Door-in-the-face Volunteer Counseling Study Some asked first to volunteer 2 hours per week for 2 years Take kids on 2 hour trip to zoo? If refused first request – 50% complied If only asked the small request – 17% complied Why does this work? Reciprocity: requester made a concession, so we should comply Resisting Conformity : Resisting Conformity Reactance: A motive to protect or restore one’s sense of freedom. Arises when someone threatens our freedom of action. Graffiti Study Where does all this get us? : Where does all this get us? Explains (but does not condone!) how negative behaviors may come about

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