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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: hannelita



Confoo 2014 talk - Messaging systems - why should I use them?


Hi! Hanneli ! • • • @hannelita Software Developer Coffee and Pokémon Addicted

What we will see • How can we integrate 2 or more systems? • A list of alternatives to integrate them • Problems and good points of these strategies • Messaging systems - the good parts • Messaging systems - the bad points • Cool pictures, stupid jokes and funny gifs (or not that funny)

Software development - very simple

Simple software development Web!

1. Number of users increases

2. Number of requested functionalities increases

How can we expand the system?

How can we integrate? ??????? @&ˆ!@! Hi!

How can we integrate? The systems need to change information.

Method 1 Hi!

Method 1 - TXT

Method 1 - TXT • How should I format the TXT file? • Parse == Hell • Speed (development and execution)

Method 1 - TXT

Method 1I Hello! Hi! ESB

Method 1I - ESB

Method 1I - ESB • SOA Expertise • High skill set • $$$$$ in some cases.

Method I1 - ESB

One example Support Company

Example Sure! I will contact IT department. PLZ FIX MY SYSTEM. Sales Guy

Example We have work to do! Heeeyy IT guy! Yo!

Example Have you seen the hockey game yesterday? YEEESS AWESOME!

bla bla bla bla bla bla

Example bla bla bla bla bla bla

Example Synchronous communication

Example Have you seen the hockey game yesterday? YEEESS AWESOME!

Example The SHALL NOT directly communicate.

Example Client 1 Request 1

Example Now they won’t directly communicate!

Example Asynchronous Communication They don’t waste time!


Some problems

Some Problems

Message Transmission Asynchronous communication No direct communication There’s a ‘keeper' for the message board M essage O riented M iddleware

Message Transmission Message Destination Sender Receiver Broker

More Technical Sender Receiver Broker

Java World M essage O riented M iddleware Specification(PDF) ActiveMQ HornetQ Oracle AQ J ava M essage S ervice Some implementations

Implementations HornetQ ActiveMQ A vanced M essage Q ueuing P rotocol Work with different languages (interoperability) - - Security (Cryptography) - Message delivery guarantee (Reliability) PROTOCOL

Implementations HornetQ ActiveMQ S treaming T ext O riented M essage P rotocol - Work with different languages (interoperability) - Similar to HTTP - Text PROTOCOL

{ Implementations ØMQ - Multiple Languages - Concurrency - Transports messages between protocols - Multicast - Written in C++ - Performance - Hard to configure

{ Implementatiosn Sidekiq - Ruby - Rails - Redis - Performance

{ Implementations Kafka - Performance - Scalability - Messages persisted on disk and replicated on cluster - Environment had to configure

{ Implementations ActiveMQ - Performance - Java - ESBs

{ When I should use messaging systems Asynchronous communication - Email - Reports - Long running operations in batch

{ When I should NOT use messaging systems - Requires immediate response Synchronous communication - Cannot provide information about the destination

MOAR Examples Imagine a system: Sends Emails S Captures and log S events JM CRUD GeneratesS Daily JM Reports JM

Before Messaging Systems doSomething(); doMOAR(); sadsdsda(); return(); What happens if it takes too long? Synchronous communication

After Messaging Systems sendMessageToQueue(); return(); All done for this message! Asynchronous communication Queue Consumer doSomething(); doMOAR(); sadsdsda();

Where to go now Enterprise Integration Patterns Apache Camel JMS

Questions? THANK YOU!! Twitter: @hannelita

References • • • • • • • • • jms_tutorialTOC.html

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