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Information about Confluence as DMS for Moscow Atlassian User Group EN

Published on September 19, 2016

Author: caseagile


1. Atlassian Confluence as universal document management system

2. Boris Zinchenko Igor Morenko Andrew Kashulin Alexey Fisher

3. Atlassian User Group Moscow, June, 30, 2016

4. Atlassian Confluence is well known as powerful corporate wiki system useful to create knowledge base, web site or documetation Convenience and prevalence of Confluence prompted us to consider this product as a managed content repository to handle large and linked business process model

5. We got a task to create managed repository for a business model with hundreds linked diagrams in MS Visio format within a hude folder structure. Sometimes, for solutions like this used MS Share Point, but it is expensive and requires a server running Windows. Atlassian Confluence have the same basic functions but significantly easyer and common amomg IT community using Atlassian JIRA.

6. Atlassian Confluence have REST API and can be used as managed repository with access from external application. Product doing this: Enterprise Explorer. Presenting you our experience using Confluence as a managed document repository.

7. ● Local repository: model in folder hierarchy ● Confluence based repository- ● Import into Confluence based repository- ● Open and save document to repository ● Document versioning ● Model export Agenda

8. Local repository

9. Local model is a folders hierarchy with busines process model «Russian business», opened in Windows Explorer: not suitabe for collaboration

10. Open local model with Enterprise Explorer

11. Open model «Russian business»

12. Model opened in a local reposirory, file system

13. Confluence repository

14. Save model to Confluence repository and get advantages of collaboration with remote team

15. Connect to Confluence

16. Connection successful

17. Choose Confluence space to work

18. Import folders hierarchy into the repository

19. Create a new folder to work with, as a result at the Confluence side page will be created and used as root of hierarchy

20. Choose recently created folder «Russian business»

21. Import model folders hierarchy into folder «Russian business»

22. Import in progress

23. Folders hierarchy import completed successfully

24. Open Confluence and take look for imported hierarchy

25. Open and save documents to Confluence repository

26. Open Confluence repository

27. Choose folder «Russian business», expand node and open a document

28. Every user any time can check out any model subset, make changes and submit to repository

29. Possible actions are common: «cut», «paste», «copy», «delete», «rename» using Confluence repository.

30. Possiable actions within folders: create new folder or MS Office document, diagram, presentation, spreadsheet

31. Recently opened documents

32. Confluence side

33. Confluence space used to store model: «BPM Demo»

34. Confluence space «BPM Demo» with already imported model «Russian busines»

35. Imported folder hierarchy became Confluence pages hierarchy

36. Document versioning

37. Open Confluence page containing document

38. Currently document have version «1», open it

39. Document may be opened with appropriate application and saved to Confluence repository

40. Saving document into Confluence similar to work with a file system. After saving document will have version «2».

41. Model publication

42. MS Visio documents export formats: PDF, AutoCAD, EMF, SVG, XPS, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF

43. Thumbnails generated from Visio documents

44. Visio document exported as a graphics

45. Atlassian Confluence as universal document management system Atlassian User Group Moscow, June, 30 2016

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