Conflicts in Kenya

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Published on June 4, 2007

Author: JaneCB



PPT looking at issues which arise between kenyans and tourists. Additional resources needed

Conflicts in Kenya Lesson aim: Understand that tourism can affect different people and create conflicts. 12 th February 2007 Starter: Write down what you think conflict is. AND Who do you think the conflicts are between in Kenya?

What is the conflict?

What is the conflict?

Look at your set of cards and sort them in to two columns: Things tourists would say Things Kenyans would say

Choose one thing that a tourist might say. Why do you think they might say this? Why it causes a conflict between Kenyans and tourists? Statement: ……….. I think tourists might say this because………. This causes conflicts because……… Now do the same for one of your Kenyan statements

In the back of your book make a list 1 – 15 1. 2. 3. etc Now look at the questions and write down if it is true or false – be quick! Write T for True Write F for False

Homework: Due in next Monday Write a postcard to someone in England, telling them what you think of your time in Kenya. Include writing and a picture.

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