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Published on October 24, 2018

Author: GRussak


1. Fatten Your Funnel by 14-25% Make it easier for prospects to say “Yes!” Personalize your meeting offers with choices for days, times, and PLACES!

2. Save Time and Money Stop playing email ping pong and voicemail tag! Appointment clustering that’s as simple as a drag-and-drop!

3. Simplify Calendar Management Integrated with Google Calendar (Outlook coming soon!) Say goodbye to clumsy and frustrating “false busy” blocks of time!

4. Reach People Where They Are Reach your prospects, customers, partners, and funders through email, SMS, chat, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more!

5. Manage Multiple Calendars Individual Premium Edition and Team Edition Subscribers can connect multiple Google Accounts to their Confirmed account to make calendar and time management even easier and more effective!

6. Team Success via Team Edition! Team Edition Subscribers get all the Premium feature PLUS Team Templates Team Places Team Metrics Help your Team to hear “Yes!” more often while you have the data to manage activity levels

7. Start Your 14-day Free Trial Today Hear “Yes!” more often!

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