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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: WoodRock


PERMIT REQUIRED CONFINED SPACES:  PERMIT REQUIRED CONFINED SPACES Slide2:  29 CFR 1910.146 (Code of Federal Regulations for General Industry) US DOC Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual Chapter 16 PURPOSE OF PROGRAM:  PURPOSE OF PROGRAM TO IDENTIFY & EXPOSE INHERENT DANGER OF CONFINED SPACES PROVIDE STRICT GUIDELINES TO PERSONNEL OPERATING IN A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT GREATLY REDUCE THE RISK OF POTENTIAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH SCOPE AND APPLICATION:  SCOPE AND APPLICATION Requirements to protect employees in from the hazards of entry into “permit-required” confined spaces. SCOPE AND APPLICATION:  SCOPE AND APPLICATION DOES NOT APPLY TO: Agriculture (29 CFR 1928) Construction (29 CFR 1926) Shipyard employment (29 CFR 1915) Slide7:  SPACES THAT ARE : NOT DESIGNED FOR ROUTINE OCCUPANCY LIMITED OR RESTRICTED MEANS FOR ENTRY OR EXIT Slide8:  PERSONNEL CAN ENTER TO PERFORM ASSIGNED JOB-RELATED TASKS Slide9:  ANY PART OF THE ENTRANT’S BODY THAT BREAKS THE PLANE OF AN OPENING TO A “PERMIT-REQUIRED” CONFINED SPACE Slide10:  Atmosphere that may expose employees to the risk of death, incapacitation, impairment of ability to self-rescue, injury or acute illness from one or more of the following: Slide11:  Flammable gas, vapor or mist in excess of 10 % of its lower explosive limit Airborne combustible dust at a concentration that meets or exceeds its lower explosive limit Slide12:  Atmospheric oxygen concentration below 19.5 % or above 23.5 % A concentration of any substance that exceeds the permissible exposure limits Slide13:  EMPLOYER’S WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION TO PERFORM OPERATIONS CAPABLE OF PROVIDING A SOURCE OF IGNITION (for example: riveting, welding, cutting, burning and heating) Slide14:  Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health Any condition that poses an immediate or delayed threat to life or that would cause irreversible adverse health effects Slide15:  A confined space that does not contain or have the potential to contain any hazard capable of causing death or serious physical harm Slide16:  ATMOSPHERE CONTAINING LESS THAN 19.5 % OXYGEN DEATH CAN OCCUR Slide17:  ATMOSPHERE CONTAINING MORE THAN 23.5 % OXYGEN DEATH CAN OCCUR Slide18:  This is a space that contains one or more of the following characteristics : Contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere Contains a material that has the potential for engulfing an entrant Has an internal configuration that could trap or asphyxiate an entrant Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazard Slide19:  AN INDIVIDUAL (SUCH AS FOREMAN, OIC, CHIEF, ETC.) RESPONSIBLE FOR: DETERMINING IF ACCEPTABLE ENTRY CONDITIONS ARE PRESENT AUTHORIZING ENTRY OVERSEEING ENTRY OPERATIONS Slide20:  AN EMPLOYEE WHO IS AUTHORIZED BY THE EMPLOYER TO ENTER A PERMIT SPACE Slide21:  AN INDIVIDUAL STATIONED OUTSIDE ONE OR MORE PERMIT SPACES WHO MONITORS THE AUTHORIZED ENTRANTS AND WHO PERFORMS ALL ATTENDANT’S DUTIES ASSIGNED IN THE WRITTEN PERMIT SPACE PROGRAM Slide23:  Knows the hazards that may be faced during entry Verifies by checking that the appropriate tests specified by the permit have been conducted Slide24:  Ensures all procedures and equipment specified by the permit are in place Terminates the entry and cancels the permit as required Slide25:  Verifies rescue services are available and means for summoning them are operable Removes unauthorized personnel who attempt to enter the permit space Ensures entry operations remain consistent with terms of the entry permit Slide26:  Know the hazards that may be faced during entry Properly use equipment (i.e. testing, ventilating, communications, PPE, lighting, barriers, rescue and emergency) Communicate with attendants as necessary Alert attendant when: He/she recognizes any warning sign or symptom of exposure He/she detects a prohibited condition Slide27:  Exit from the permit space as quickly as possible whenever: An order to evacuate is given He/she recognizes any warning sign or symptom of exposure He/she detects a prohibited condition An evacuation alarm is activated Slide28:  Knows hazards that may be faced during entry Is aware of possible behavioral effects of exposure in authorized entrants Continuously maintains an accurate count of authorized entrants Slide29:  Remains outside the permit space during entry operations Ensures that the means used to identify authorized entrants accurately identifies who is in the permit space Communicates with authorized entrants to monitor entrant status Alert entrants of the need to evacuate space if needed Slide30:  Monitors activities inside and outside the space to determine if it is safe for entrants to remain in space and orders authorized entrants to evaluate the permit space immediately under any of the following conditions: Detection of a prohibited condition If the authorized entrant exhibits behavioral changes Detection outside the space that could endanger the authorized entrants If the attendant cannot effectively and safety perform all of his/her duties PERMIT:  PERMIT ONE COPY TO BE POSTED AT THE PRIMARY ENTRANCE TO THE SPACE ONE COPY TO BE POSTED AT ALL OTHER ENTRY POINTS WHICH ARE OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE TO PERSONNEL TRAINING REQUIREMENTS:  TRAINING REQUIREMENTS Qualified persons using direct reading instruments are required to be trained in: Calibrating and using monitoring equipment Determining appropriate engineering methods to eliminate hazards Determining severity of hazards Developing entry plan How to train entrants and attendants and supervisors CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES:  CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES (CONT):  CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES (CONT) DO NOT ENTER THE SPACE TO SAVE THE VICTIM!! REMOVE/HOIST PERSONNEL BY LIFELINE WHEN AVAILABLE CALL EMERGENCY RESCUE IMMEDIATELY CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES (CONT):  CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCIES (CONT) STATE THAT A CONFINED SPACE EMERGENCY HAS OCCURRED GIVE SPECIFIC LOCATION AND ANY OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION REQUEST EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM QUESTIONS:  QUESTIONS IF YOU DO HAVE A CONFINED SPACE OR A “PERMIT REQUIRED” CONFINED SPACE AND NEED HELP, CONTACT YOUR REGIONAL SAFETY MANAGER

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