Confederation Era Political Cartoons

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Published on June 15, 2007

Author: Dabby


Slide1:  Grade 8 History Slide2:  Slide3:  The Way Brother Jonathan Will Astonish the Natives. (1849) Annexation comes by the rail, while liberty flies off in the smoke. Slide4:  Little Ben Holmes (1849) And some naughty children attempt to pawn their mother’s pocket-handkerchief, but are arrested by policemen Punch, who was stationed 'round the corner.' Slide5:  'A piece of excusable self-glorification on the part of Mr. Punch, who was 'truly loyal' from first to last. Here he dashes forth upon his charger to rescue the Canadian fawn from the talons of the designing American eagle. Slide6:  Cross Roads (1868) Shall we go to Washington first, or How(e)? Slide7:  A Pertinent Question (1869)   Mrs. Britannia: Is it possible, my dear, that you have ever given your cousin Jonathan any encouragement?   Miss Canada: Encouragement! Certainly not, mamma. I have told him we can never be united Slide8:  Uncle Sam Kicked Out! (1869)   Young Canada: We don’t want you here.   John Bull: That’s right, my son. No matter what comes, an empty house is better than such a tenant as that. Slide9:  From Halifax to Vancouver (1869)   Miss Canada: This is what we want, cousin Jonathan. It will give us real independence, and stop the foolish talk about annexation.   Jonathan: Wal, miss, I guess you’re about right thar; but I’ll believe it when I see it Slide10: 

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