Conditions that is certainly aided by Hydrogen Peroxide

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Information about Conditions that is certainly aided by Hydrogen Peroxide
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Published on February 16, 2014

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Disorders which is really helped by Hydrogen Peroxide

problems which may be assisted CAN WE ALTER THE COURSE OF AUTOIMMIUNE OR CHRONIC LUNG DISEASE? IS THERE A WAY TO FIGHT CHRONIC TIREDNESS? HOW CAN YOU ‘FAN' YOUR BODY FURNANCES? HYDROGEN PEROXIDE MAY BE THE ANSWER! You may have used hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic and to bleach your hair or skin. However you'll be surprised to know that this simple liquid can be used for a lot of health problems which can affect our lives such as autoimmune diseases, chronic lung ailments, cardiovascular diseases and lots of viral, fungal and microbial infection for which traditional medicine may have failed to offer much. How does it work? As soon as in circulation, hydrogen peroxide is broken down into oxygen and water by two circulating enzymes known as Catalase and Cytochrome C. You will see this occurring from the next equation: Hydrogen Peroxide - Water + Oxygen (H2O2 - H2O + O) Water goes out in the urine and singlet oxygen so released has many good results in our own body. It may freshen up your body like Ozone does your own home: Sometimes you will have your home sprayed with ozone to refresh it. It's because it releases oxygen, which binds carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is excreted into the air from automotive exhausts and furnaces. This is an unsafe gas because it has a robust affinity for our particular red blood cells, the vehicle that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts in our body. Carbon monoxide occupies the ‘seats' on this ‘vehicle' and no room stays for oxygen to travel where needed. The seats can only be vacated should you provide additional oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide, like ozone, supplies additional oxygen by splitting into water and oxygen. Oxygen ‘handcuffs' co2 and converts it into carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide needn't occupy the ‘seats' on red blood cells. As an alternative, it travels free in the blood and it is exhaled via the lungs. One feels fresh again.

It could possibly "Fan the furnaces": The thyroid and adrenal glands will be the furnaces our body. The thyroid maintains our body temperature, appetite and weight. The adrenals preserve the arterial pressure and heart function and pour in to our vigor and vitality. These furnaces cool down as she grew therefore we can have poor sleep and energy, emotions of persistent tiredness, weight gain, cold arms and feet. Until these furnaces they are supplied oxygen to breathe, their perform would go on declining. Hydrogen peroxide boosts them up by ‘fanning in' oxygen. The feeling of warmth and rising temperature throughout Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy indicates a ‘soar starting' no matter the gland and to discover the immune system. It could fight Continual Tiredness: Many individuals feel chronically drained, fatigued, chilly or feverish. This may be due to an underlying low grade infection caused by bacteria, viruses or Candida (yeast). Several of these organisms shouldn't have the power to survive in presence of oxygen. They are in need of an "anaerobic setting" which implies they can live only WITH OUT OXYGEN. Oxygen released by hydrogen peroxide functions like a ‘smart bomb' to kill them, since only anaerobic pathogens die and not the healthy cells which like oxygen. Once these culprits are cleared out we might feel ‘at peace' again. Traditional docs sometime prescribe long term antibiotics to eradicate such infections. Hydrogen peroxide also works like a natural antibiotic but without the many unwanted effects of an antibiotic! Hydrogen peroxide can also work for acute infections such as the Flu. If you are down with chills, fever and flu-like symptoms, start with drinking H2O2 RainDrops hydrogen peroxide in everything you drink. The chills might go away and gradually you may be relieved of all of the symptoms. Hydrogen Peroxide It could help an Autoimmune Disease: Autoimmune illnesses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Scleroderma could be very crippling, long term problems. Doctors often blame your immunity being "unreasonably overactive" towards its own tissues. Nevertheless the reason for over activity may be a chronic low grade viral or fungal or bacterial an infection with those tissues. Whenever the conscientious "immune policemen" detect these "foreign aliens", they initiate an attack on these infected tissues. Sadly, these organisms are not equipped with enzymes like Catalase and Cytochrome C. So they simply can't handle hydrogen peroxide like regular cells, and they die, that is the goal. Hydrogen peroxide kills them off and this alters the path of illness, favourably. It may work as a Chelating Agent: Hydrogen peroxide causes dilation of small arteries. Subsequently it improves circulation. Studies

are underway through which hydrogen peroxide and chelation with EDTA are being combined to dissolve the plaque inside the vessels (Chelox Remedy). The two therapies, nonetheless, should not be given on the same day as they can react with each other. It may be beneficial for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD): power lung disease may be helped by hydrogen peroxide in two ways. First, it loosens the phlegm and in consequence clears the air passages. So respiratory is facilitated. Secondly, the phlegm is a good base for nurturing bacteria, which may lead to an infection and worsen the problem. Hydrogen peroxide helps remove the infection. The individual might feel as if the lungs have cleared up and sinuses have opened. Nonetheless, it can't reverse the damage, which has already took place in the lungs. Hydrogen Peroxide is very useful for other respiratory conditions like Chronic Sinusitis, Bronchiectasis, Flu Syndrome and Halitosis (bad or offensive breath). Intra-nasal route could also be applicable in some of them. It can have a part in Cancer Therapy: There are actually case histories showing regression of tumor mass several types of cancers such as cancer of lung, bone, skin and neuroblastoma. When taken together with chemotherapy, it seems like to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy. It also sensitizes the tumor to radiation by increasing the oxygen level of cancer cells. There's a direct relationship between the amount of oxygen in the cancer mass and the impact of radiation therapy. Hydrogen Peroxide for Shingles: Various modalities have already been used to treat shingles. The lesions are recurrent and painful. The pain may go on for years. Many physicians have experienced that hydrogen peroxide works two to three times faster than any other modality which has previously been tried for resolving herpetic lesions. HOW TO TAKE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE? They dilute a number of drops of H2O2 RainDrops hydrogen peroxide in one glass of water and drink through out the day and night. I do advocate it. CONDITIONS WHICH MAY BE HELPED BY HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Peripheral & Cerebral Vascular Disease Angina

Arrhythmia Chronic Pain Syndrome Alzheimer's Parkinsonism Multiple Sclerosis Depression Diabetes type 2 Temporal Arteritis Migraine and Cluster Headaches Chronic Unresponsive Bacterial and viral Infections Systemic Chronic Candidiasis Asthma Metastasis Carcinoma Varicose veins Lupus Sarcoidosis Pesticide toxicity Environmental Allergy Reaction

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