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Information about Conditionals by B.L.U.E.S.

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: PaolaSacco



Use of conditional in English

Ice melts if you heat it. You get wet if it rains. If people eat too much, they get fat. If you touch a fire, you get burned. People die if they don't eat. You get water if you mix hydrogen and oxygen. Snakes bite if they are scared If babies are hungry, they cry

If it rains, I won't go to the park. If I study today, I'll go to the party tonight. If I have enough money, I'll buy some new shoes. She'll be late if the train is delayed. She'll miss the bus if she doesn't leave soon. If I see her, I'll tell her.

If we were in London today, we would be able to go to the concert in Hyde Park. If I had millions dollars, I'd give a lot to charity. If there were no hungry people in this world, it would be a much better place. If everyone had clean water to drink, there would be a lot less disease.

If I had worked harder at school, I would have got better grades. If I had had time, I would have gone to see him. But I didn't have time. If we had bought that house, we would have had to rebuild the kitchen. If we had caught the earlier train, we would have got there on time but we were late.

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