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Published on April 14, 2009

Author: torrestorres


Conditional Sentences : Conditional Sentences by Carmen Torres Slide 2: First Type: Possible & Probable conditions Second Type: Possible & Improbable conditions Third Type: Impossible conditions Conditional Types Slide 3: First Type: Possible & Probable conditions Slide 4: First Type: Possible & Probable conditions Slide 5: Second Type: Possible & Improbable conditions To express an imaginary present or improbable future situations Slide 6: Second Type: Possible & Improbable conditions Slide 7: Third Type: Impossible conditions To express a regret for an impossible situation happened in the Past with NO solution Slide 8: Third Type: Impossible conditions Slide 9: More practice Slide 10: Assessment In pairs, describe the main problems that affect the world and our society at the moment. Then state your possible solutions if you hypothetically were able to solve the problems. What would you have done in the following situations? A mother found drugs in her son's pocket. She told the police who arrested the son. The son was sent to prison. A man found a wallet with € 1,000 in it in the back of a taxi. He put it all in a briefcase and run.

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