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Information about Concurrent Lines - video

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: mathwithflisak


PowerPoint Presentation: Concurrent Lines PowerPoint Presentation: Math Skills & Tools In the Class Work section of your binder: Add some skills and tools that you can later use to solve any math problem! PowerPoint Presentation: When two or more lines intersect at one point, that point is called a point of concurrency and the lines are called concurrent lines . PowerPoint Presentation: Bisecting an Angle PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Angle Bisectors in a Triangle incenter PowerPoint Presentation: Perpendicul ar Bisector of a Segment PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Perpendicular Bisectors of a Triangle’s Sides circumcenter PowerPoint Presentation: Perpendicular from a Point OFF the Line PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Altitudes in a Triangle orthocenter PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Medians in a Triangle centroid

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