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Published on August 18, 2007

Author: jameel


Slide1:  ORGANIZATIONAL MARKETS AND ORGANIZATIONAL BUYING BEHAVIOR The Concept of organizational buying The concept of organizational buying is entirely different from that of consumer buying . While the buying decisions of individual customers are made relatively easy and quickly, usually without any systematic decision-making process, organizational buying involves a through and deep analysis.. In organizational buying managers deal with personal with varied responsibilities before actually buying a products organizations purchase product raging from highly complex machinery to small components and from products that are bought on a regular basis to those that are very rarely purchased. The purchasing manager’s experience in organizational buying affects the buying process in organization. Slide2:  Organizational markets differ from consumer markets in a number of ways. The differences could range from the time spent in the purchase process to the Number of people involved in it. Generally, the time spent in the purchase process by an individual customer is much less compared to the time taken for the purchase process in organizations. Organizational buyers are fewer compared to individual buyers. So it becomes easier for marketers to offer specialized marketing services to organizational buyers. Slide3:  Types of organizational buying situations and situational factor Organizational buying situations can be classified in to three categories New task Straight rebuy Modified rebuy A Situation wherein a Product is purchased For the 1st time. Is a process of buying a pro-Duct that has been purchased Frequently and regularly. A Purchasing Manager Buys goods that have Been purchased earlier But changes specification Quantitiy,delivery,schedule Slide4:  Organizational market in India Industrial market divided in to 3 sectors. Chemical andamp; Pharmaceutical Energy andamp; Natural Resources Industrial andamp; Automotive Sector. High growth rate huge profits, Indian Market is potantial Fuel, Coal is making com Look for alternative source Of energy such as Natural Gas, include crude Oil natural gas forest Timber etc. Normally associated with infrastructure development in the Country success of co. directly Link with financial status and econo -mic growth of country

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