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Published on October 9, 2009

Author: kmregan



Work on creating a framework for computing in which you carry all relevant information around with you.

Session Mobility A Device Oriented Solution

The Pitch 2

Introduction Session Mobility The migration of a! elements of an operating system environment between machines The Internet is too slow to support Session Mobility 3

Introduction Dynamic Data Update The integration of online data into a mobile session via opportunistic connections to wireless networks 4

System Architecture 3&4"#&"4 .'/012 ,"#-"# 6%#"("77 )8//"77)9:%&4 6%#"("77 >:&&"/4%:& ;,.)+<= ;,.)+<= 5"-%/" !"#$%&'()+ !"#$%&'()*

Devices Computation Storage Wireless Networking Link Speed Form Factor Power 6

Modes of Operation Attached connected to a terminal Detached roaming 7

Terminals Open access terminals VMWare Virtual Machines May or may not be connected to the Internet 8


Backup Servers Data resides on device Vulnerable to damage, loss and theft Automated and efficient backup of data is necessary 10

Device Mobility Mobile IP Access Point Detection 11

Synchronization Update of data using Proxy Device Integration of data into session 12

Email Technologies used Javamail VMWare mount tool Apache James Mail Server 13

Proxy Architecture 9-$67 5".*0" 4*+" 8/%"-/"% 3-$67 4*+" 0+*"/% "#)*+ ,"-."- ("((*$/ 8/%"-/"% 0+*"/% 1("-& ,"((*$/ 233+*0)%*$/ !"#$%"& '$(%

Device Architecture )"*+," ,-+".% 6"*+," 7.%"1."% 5+-" !"#$%"& '$(% "#/+- 0"1*"1 ("((+$. ,-+".% 2("1& 0"((+$. 344-+,/%+$.

Interesting Bits Platform independent No changes necessary to Remote Email Servers Client Software User data secure 16

Performance Performance Suse Linux Suse Linux Suse Linux Suse Linux - + Harddrive w/VMWare w/ WMWare iPod - - + Harddrive + iPod - Average Cache Read 1345.065 999.015 1156.425 1377.472 Std. Dev Cache Read 61.604 170.089 65.998 101.821 Min Cache Read 1258.93 736.32 657.09 1005.65 Max Cache Read 1450.22 1219.67 1240.53 1503.48 Average Read 14.7662 116.2162 117.7391 14.574 Std. Dev Read 0.186383877 15.57866994 10.6832118 0.719 Min Read 14.44 73.69 79.46 11.76 Max Read 15.2 139.99 137.72 15.19 Table 1: A comparison of the cache and hard drive reads with VMWare 7.1 Overview There are many different problems with the mobile data approach with respect to security. The most pressing of those concerns is the integrity and security of the data on the mobile device. A user will be unwilling to use this system if the data stored on the device is not safe from attackers. 17 This is especially important for users who want to use this type of system to transport data from work to their homes given that the data may be

Security Device from Host Host from Device Device from Wireless Network 18

Trusted Computing Tamper proof hardware Authenticated Boot Boot Assertions 19

Trusted Computing Several Different Approaches TCG Specification NGSCB, formerly Palladium Terra 20

Unsolved Security Problems Root Security Data Validation in detached mode of operation 21

Discussion & Improvements Need for automated backup Deployment of the system impacts usefulness User friendliness is key to acceptance 22

Session Mobility Device Oriented VMWare Trusted Computing Sandbox Data mobility - email 23 Conclusion

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