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Information about COMPUTER GAMES

Published on January 23, 2009

Author: maarzzb


COMPUTER GAMES : COMPUTER GAMES … also a part of children’s culture… A SPECIAL DEDICATION : A SPECIAL DEDICATION to PROF.SAPNA KAMBLE of the subject INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER PRESENTED BY : PRESENTED BY MEANING AND ITS EVOLUTION : MEANING AND ITS EVOLUTION A game played on a personal computer Not played on a video game console or an arcade machine Evolution from the simple computer graphics and gameplay of early titles like SPACEWAR! PC games are developed by game developers and specialists like game artists It often require specialized hardware to play the games such as Internet connection to play online or a specific generation of graphics processing units Computer games were first developed in the year 1960 Spacewar!, developed for the PDP-1 in 1961, is often credited as being the first ever computer game. The game consisted of two player-controlled spaceships maneuvering around a central star, each attempting to destroy the other. HARDWARES USED IN COMPUTER GAMES : HARDWARES USED IN COMPUTER GAMES Central processing Unit (CPU) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Video RAM Sound Cards Physics Processing Units Keyboard Mouse Joysticks or Flight simulators Steering Wheels Game pads SOFTWARES USED IN COMPUTER GAMES : SOFTWARES USED IN COMPUTER GAMES Operating Systems -MS-DOS -Microsoft Windows OS Device Drivers Libraries Application Providing Interfaces (APIs) -Open GL -DirectX PUZZLE GAMES : PUZZLE GAMES Meaning -A genre of video games -Emphasize puzzle solving -Is used to test many problem solving skills -Includes logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion Types of puzzle games -Tetris, Klax, Lumines -Tetrisphere, Tetris Attack -Silent Hill, Resident Evil ARCADE GAMES : ARCADE GAMES Meaning -A coin-operated entertainment machine -Is installed in business such as restaurants, pubs, video arcades, and family entertainment centers -They are mostly redemption games, merchandisers, video games or pinball machines Types of Arcade games -Shooting Galleries -Atari -Pac-Man -Space Invaders -Kombat BOARD GAMES : BOARD GAMES Meaning -a game in which counters or pieces that are placed on, removed from, or moved across a "board” Types of board games -Checkers -Cluedo -Trivia -Scrabble 3D GAMES : 3D GAMES Meaning -A collection of texture and artwork, and game templates that allow us to play the game without programming -It gives a 3d effect to the player Types of 3D games -Pool games -Helio -Sea wolves COMPANIES DEVELOPING COMPUTER GAMES : COMPANIES DEVELOPING COMPUTER GAMES Sega A multinational video game software and hardware development company A former home computer and console manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan EA A US based international developer, marketer, publisher, and distributor of video games established in 1982 by trip Hawkins ACKNOWLEDGEMENT : ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this thesis. I want to thank the Department of L.N. COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY for giving us permission to commence this thesis in the first instance. I have furthermore to thank the COMPUTER PROF.SAPNA KAMBLE who gave and confirmed this permission and encouraged us to go ahead with our thesis. I am bound to the Honorable co-members of my group for their stimulating support, suggestions and encouragement which helped me in all the time of research and for writing of this thesis. I am deeply indebted to all my former colleagues for looking closely at the final version of the thesis for English style and grammar, correcting both and offering suggestions for improvement. And finally, I would like to thank every one of you for giving me a chance to present this project to your honorable personalities.

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