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Information about Compression fitting

Published on January 5, 2017

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2. WHAT IS COMPRESSION FITTING? 1. It is a piece or a coupling, made either metal or plastic, linking two pipes or tubes, or a pipe to a machine, mainly a valve or a pump, using compressive force. 2. A Compression fitting comprises a nut, a ring and a seat. 3. The ring is in between the nut and the seat, as the pipe is inserted into the seat (of the valve) the nut is tightened from above to compress the pipe. 4. Thus, a taut, leak – proof seal is formed. For tubes, there are ferrules that affix them to inlets.

3. MERITS OF COMPRESSION FITTING 1. These attachments do not require any soldering i.e. joining of two metals by melting them to a point and then adding some filler material into the joint. 2. The fitting sits tightly inside the seat with the help of a few turns and a proper tightening. 3. The principal advantage of this fitting is its ability to render effortless installation and removal. 4. They are favourable in industries with constant removal and fixing of parts for down time purposes and processes of assemblies.

4. 5. Double compression fitting increases the length of pipes with comfort, provided that pipes do not undergo high stress. 6. These connections, made from copper work at high pressure and exhibit good corrosion resistance to toxic gases and liquids 7. They are available in plenty of materials like Copper, PVC, Brass, Stainless Steel, etc. So, if two pipes made of different ingredients are to be joined, a customised, compressed fitting accepting both the pipes can be produced.

5. DEMERITS OF COMPRESSION FITTING 1. These accessories are usable only when a machine or structure is stationary. 2. The fittings and ferrules cannot endure sudden changes in pressures or violent movement, resulting into the pipe rotating inside the seat. 3. Thus this equipment is susceptible in vibrating areas since they can lead to the loosening of the nut and secret seepages in tube connections.

6. 4. Compression fixtures cannot be bent like soldered fittings and are less elastic. 5. Compression nuts are devised to be used only once as the old nut is a tad distorted and can cause oozing of inner fluid inside the pipe if re-used. 6. They do not offer a sleek and finished look and are heavy too.

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