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Published on September 24, 2015

Author: DavidAndrews11


1. Compound Passport Dr David Andrews Bio2Business Outsourcing Strategies (BOS) 22nd September 2015

2. AstraZeneca’s Open Innovation Portal Towards Delivering Breakthrough Medicines 2 Clinical compound bank Pharamacology toolbox Target innovation New Molecule profiling R&D Challenges Suggestion box

3. Topushtheboundariesofsciencetodeliverlife-changing medicines >20 Clinical ready compounds >40 Mechanistic tool compounds Up to 250K screening compounds or full HTS Screening &DMPK data Potential to partner Prizes for solutions to R&D challenges Partnerships New clinically validated projects New lead optimization projects New targets/hit ID projects Access to novel molecules Novel solutions Clinical Compound Bank Pharmacology Toolbox Target Innovation New Molecule Profiling R&D Challenges Suggestion Box Ideas for future partnerships Academics The Opportunity AZ GenerationofNoveldataforpublicationsandadvance medicalscience

4. The Problem: Managing compound asset rights 4 We need to ensure that any compound subject to a contractual agreement with a 3rd party is managed and used in accordance with AZ’s obligations under such a contract Examples: Compounds with shared IP are restricted to agreed tests Compounds under a shared agreement cannot be shared with others…

5. Which Country to I belong to? Originating Organisation Where can I travel? Where can this asset be tested? Where have I been? Which collaboration partners have had access to this asset? A Passport Service for Compounds 5

6. The Solution ....a Compound Passport Service Record Shared Assets •Set up Asset Rights Group •Add compounds Update Asset Status •Modify compound ownership •Modify ‘allowed for test’ status Approve test requests •Automatic approval •Manual Approval Check Asset History •Is the compound locked with a collaborator? •View asset history

7. Compound Passport Service Impact 7 • Since its launch in November 2014, CPS now tracks and protects ~32,000 compound assets • CPS has already proven its value: - – A simple check in CPS identified that two separate Open Innovation collaborations had requested the same chemical series – ~4000 compounds searched in minutes to confirm divest rights, something that previously would have taken days – Easy to check that compound usage is compliant with agreements by viewing the Asset Rights Group approval history

8. The future of Compound Passport Service 8 CPS Flag ARG status in compound search Test request approval Manage external sharing ARG assignment at registration Future system integrations Control compound distribution • Delivering Compound Passport as a component service on the AZ SOA platform has made it a flexible, re-usable utility for an array of consumers. • The Asset Rights Groups (ARG) concept underpinning CPS could be extended for non- small molecule assets. • With the emergence of cross-industry, National and International Compound Collections, it is conceivable that flexible solutions like CPS will be able to work with national compound databases and allow collaboration partners to view the status of their compounds in real time.

9. Summary 9 • We have developed a flexible service to effectively manage the rights associated with our compound assets • The Compound Passport Service has improved asset rights compliance and process efficiency in test request management • CPS is enabling AstraZeneca’s R&D strategy for Open Innovation and collaborative science. • Find out more at: doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2015.06.011

10. Confidentiality Notice This file is private and may contain confidential and proprietary information. If you have received this file in error, please notify us and remove it from your system and note that you must not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance on it. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of the contents of this file is not permitted and may be unlawful. AstraZeneca PLC, 2 Kingdom Street, London, W2 6BD, UK, T: +44(0)20 7604 8000, F: +44 (0)20 7604 8151, 10

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