Compound Adjectives

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Information about Compound Adjectives

Published on March 7, 2008

Author: tutorelena


Compound Adjectives:  Compound Adjectives tried-and-true explanation Slide2:  What? Slide3:  when 2 or + adjectives work together to modify the same noun Slide4:  How? Slide5:  1) Adjective/adverb/number + participle (-ed) Slide6:  With deep roots - rooted Slide7:  - rooted deep Slide8:  With four eyes With an open mind With cold blood With an old fashion Your turn… Slide9:  2) Adjective/adverb/noun + verb -ing Slide10:  That lasts long lasting - Slide11:  long lasting - Slide12:  That never ends That breaks records That eats people That consumes time Slide13:  3) Adjective/verb + preposition Slide14:  to take away - Slide15:  take away - Slide16:  A truck used to pick up stuff A training tip to warm up muscles Slide17:  4) More combinations possible. Slide18:  A rule of thumb Slide19:  !) Hyphenate! Slide20:  When? Slide21:  Only before nouns Slide22:  If you put it after the noun Slide23:  Don’t hyphenate Slide24:  Compare: The up-to-date cv was submitted on time The cv was up to date (and submitted on time) Compound Adjectives:  Compound Adjectives tried-and-true explanation Elena Benito Ruiz

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