Complexity to Simplicity: Marketing Complex Topics Needs Simplicity

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Information about Complexity to Simplicity: Marketing Complex Topics Needs Simplicity
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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: prnewswire



Presentation given by PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media, Michael Pranikoff at the Business Development Institute (BDI) Future of Healthcare Communications Summit on Feb. 25, 2014 in NYC. Complex doesn't always equal complicated. Simple doesn't always mean easily understood. As communicators we often have to take complex products / services and break them down into easily understood pieces. Communicating the complexities of the ACA is a tall order even for the best marketer. There are thousands of nuances of the legislation that apply to different people, products, and companies. Communicating messages today has gotten even more complex with all of the different channels and the changing pace of the media landscape. Learn about the latest trends, strategies, and tactics to simplify the complex message to reach the most niche audience to the broadest swath of the public.

Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoff






Source: Pocket Your Shop

More Multimedia = More Views * The number of stories with downloadable files such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs is significantly fewer than those without, however the data shows the potential for very high visibility when such assets are included along with other multimedia assets. Source: PR Newswire Web Analytics, June 2012

Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and public engagement By 35% According to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.

BRAND AUDIENCE Currency = Content Currency = Personal Info The brand continuously delivers relevant content & establishes its worth to the audience The audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves & grant permission for engagement Jane Smith 555-555-5555 CEO, XYZ Corp.

Source: Forrester Research Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing– 10/3/12

Source: Forrester Research Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing– 10/3/12

Publish a steady stream of content TRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT Keep it relevant & interesting @mpranikoff #bdi1

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