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Published on April 8, 2009

Author: LuwannaAdkisson


PracticeCompleting Graphic Organizers and Choosing the BEST Title : PracticeCompleting Graphic Organizers and Choosing the BEST Title Slide 2: Skip Jump Run Which of the following would best complete the graphic organizer? a. sing b. dance c. walk d. play Ways people Get around ? Slide 3:  What would be the best question to complete the web? A. How do bats hear?B. Are bats animals?C. Do bats eat insects?D. Are bats found in the area where I live? Slide 4: What story element is missing? A. title of storyB. author of storyC. main idea of storyD. illustrator of story Slide 5: A writer might use this idea web to help her write a narrative about her vacation to Hollywood. What could be added to the blank circle? A. classmatesB. familyC. movie starsD. travel Slide 6: The following tips are from a cookbook. 1. A dampened paper towel will remove silks from an ear of corn. 2. Add a little salt to the water to keep boiling eggs from cracking. 3. A lettuce core will pull out easily if hit hard on a counter first. 4. A dash of salt in a frying pan will prevent splattering. 5. A lettuce leaf will absorb excess grease from soups. 6. Put onions in a freezer for a few minutes before cutting, and they will not burn the eyes. 7. A peeled potato can absorb excess salt in cooking. 8. Scalding tomatoes before peeling makes the skin come off easily. Which tip would fit best with the other tips included in the chart? A. Add a little salt to the water to keep boiling eggs from cracking.B. A peeled potato can absorb excess salt in cooking.C. A dash of salt in a frying pan will prevent splattering.D. Put onions in a freezer for a few minutes before cutting, and they will not burn the eyes. Slide 7: What might be placed in the empty web space? A. My trip to the animal shelterB. Animals at the zooC. My favorite animalD. My friends' pets Slide 8: Dorothy ate a hearty supper and was waited upon by the rich Munchkin himself, whose name was Boq. Then she sat upon a settee and watched the people dance. When Boq saw her silver shoes he said, "You must be a great sorceress." "Why?" asked the girl. "Because you wear silver shoes and have killed the Wicked Witch. Besides, you have white in your frock, and only witches and sorceresses wear white." "My dress is blue and white checked," said Dorothy, smoothing out the wrinkles in it. "It is kind of you to wear that," said Boq. "Blue is the color of the Munchkins, and white is the witch color. So we know you are a friendly witch." Dorothy did not know what to say to this, for all the people seemed to think her a witch, and she knew very well she was only an ordinary little girl who had come by the chance of a cyclone into a strange land. Taken from The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum Which word should be placed in the middle of this web? A. AliceB. DorothyC. BoqD. Witch Slide 9: Which city has about the same number of each kind of day? A. BoomvilleB. DucktownC. MopaboolaD. Cragtop Slide 10: Saint John's Hospital has added a new staff member to help take care of the sick. This new addition has four legs and a shiny, brown coat. Happy, as she's called, is a border collie. She makes her rounds each week, bringing giggles and smiles to all she meets. Children and adults light up when they see Happy coming. A border collie is the best pet a person can have. "Happy brings a special kind of love to the patients. That helps them feel better," said Doctor Anna Black. "I've seen very sick people perk up when she walks into the room. I even think some patients have gotten well faster because of Happy's visits." Choose the best title for this story. A. Happy Helps Heal the SickB. Happy Loves a TreatC. Dogs Make Good PetsD. Hard-Working Dogs Play Slide 11: Dusty, Meagan, Kimberly, and Chaz were sitting in class. They were working very hard. Suddenly, it started! It was not too bad at first but soon it began to worsen. They could not even complete their work. Everyone knew something big was about to happen. Indeed, the sun was shining, the day was beautiful, but there was the sound of rain falling. The sound was right there in the classroom. There seemed to be no answer to this mystery. Where was this drip, drip, drip coming from? The suspense was electrifying! Choose the best title for this story. A. The Teacher is MissingB. The Mystery of the Sudden DripC. A Busy Day at SchoolD. Students Who Can't Study Slide 12: A few blocks from my city neighborhood, there's a tree that I love to visit. Whenever I ride my bike closer to the woods, I can see the tree towering above the others. I can smell the moss and ferns growing under its branches. Last Tuesday, I invited Danny over to climb my favorite oak tree. My tree's trunk is so wide around, I can't reach my arms around it! I often sit under this tree, watching squirrels and listening to the birds. I love my tree.Which title fits best with this story? A. TreesB. Tree SizesC. My Special TreeD. Shady Afternoon Slide 13: Long ago, people communicated over long distances by pony express mail. Later on, telegraphs were used to make communication faster and easier. In the early 1900s, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Today, people communicate quickly by use of computers. In the future, there may be other ways to communicate across the country.What would be the best title for a book that includes this passage? A. Changes in CommunicationB. Alexander Graham BellC. The Pony ExpressD. Telegraphs Slide 14: Select the best title for the following passage. A very bright comet appeared in the sky last night. The hot ball of gases looked as if it had a tail that trailed behind it for miles. The comet finally burned out and disappeared in the night sky. A. The Comet was BrightB. The Brief Journey of a CometC. A Comet was a Ball of GasesD. A Comet's Tail Slide 15: Peanut Butter Marshmallow Toast How about a new twist on the old peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Try peanut butter marshmallow toast. It’s quick and delicious. Be sure to ask an adult to handle the stove. First, lay out what you need: peanut butter marshmallows one slice of bread baking sheet table knife Open peanut butter jar. Dip the knife in the peanut butter. Scoop some out and spread it on the bread. Cover the bread to the edges. Be careful not to tear it. Next, cover the peanut butter with marshmallows. Place the bread on the baking sheet. Set the oven to broil. Put the baking sheet on the center rack of the oven. Leave the oven door open about two inches. Broil the toast in the oven until the marshmallows are a light golden brown. It will only take a few minutes. Let the toast cool for a minute. Remember to turn off the oven. Enjoy! What event belongs in the empty box? A. Spread peanut butter on the bread.B. Let the toast cool for a minute.C. Turn off the oven.D. Add jelly to the bread. Slide 16: After reading the facts below, choose the topic sentence that best summarizes the information. Vast herds of buffalo often halted the travel of riverboats and railroads. Buffaloes seemed to think telegraph poles were giant back-scratchers and knocked down miles of telegraph wires by scraping against them. Giraffes confuse telephone wires with tree vines. When they try to push through these new "vines," they get all tangled up. A. Buffaloes lived on the Great Plains in the 1860's.B. Wild animals can frustrate humans just by doing what comes naturally.C. People on the African plains have trouble with giraffes.D. Giraffes don't mean to interrupt telephone service. Slide 17: Checking out a book from the public library is easy. Select a book you would like to read. Take it to the check out desk. The librarian will then scan your selection into the computer to check the book out to you. Bring the book back to the library by the due date. In the outline below, which is the first subheading that is out of order Checking Out Library Books A. Select a book B. Scan the book C. Take book to check out desk D. Return book on due date A. DB. CC. B D. A

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