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Information about Complete Homeowner Insurance Guide

Published on July 20, 2018

Author: Starcoinsurance


Slide1: HOME OWNER INSURANCE What is Homeowner Insurance?: What is Homeowner Insurance? Homeowner Insurance refers to the form of property insurance in which one can cover the damage of their home and the assets in the home. This policy also covers liability insurance against any accident in the home or in the property. Homeowners insurance covers interior damages, exterior damages, property structure damages and personal damages. Reasons We Need Homeowner Insurance: Reasons We Need Homeowner Insurance Why? There are a number of reasons that we need homeowner insurance to protect our home financially. Some of the reasons are – It protects our home and other properties It helps us to protect our liability including the essential allowance The policy covers our home from any natural calamities financially What is Basic Coverage of Insurance?: What is Basic Coverage o f Insurance? Insurance is just like a sit belt that protects you financially in case of any accident. The basic coverage of homeowners insurance includes Coverage of your home structure Protection for your personal belongings Addition Living Expenses or ALE and Liability coverage How to Protect Your Property: How to Protect Your Property You can follow a number of steps to protect your property. Some of them are – Buy home insurance to protect your home financially. Renters insurance will help you to give your home a complete coverage if you rent your property or home. If your home or property is in the flood-prone area, make sure you have bought extra flood insurance coverage. Risks If You Don’t Have Home Insurance? : Risks If You Don’t Have Home Insurance? If you don’t buy home insurance, you might end up losing a great amount of money from your pocket in case of an accident or any natural disaster that damages your home or property. Apart from this, you might have to pay thousands dollars for medical bills if injuries happen inside your home. Starco Insurance offers you personalized solution where you can customize your homeowner insurance depending on your unique needs and requirements. Slide7: Thank You !! Contact US Starco Insurance 1905 South Western Ave Suite 19 . Los Angeles, CA 90018 Toll Free: 888-400-4004 Mobile: (310) 567-6666

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