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Published on January 9, 2019

Author: manjurai


slide 2: INTRODUCTION We are in a world where learning shopping and almost everything are getting digitalized. With the increasing usage of the internet and digital media we have found a new way to communicate and interact with each other. Technologies like Digital marketing which is used to promote products and services through online platforms like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn etc is rising and improving day by day. It offers a number of options to start your career. The future of this domain definitely looks promising. There are many people who want to promote their businesses online but they don’t know how to do it as an individual. For that they are looking for digital marketers professionals who can develop and execute digital marketing strategies that suit their needs. The core mission of this guide is to help aspirants to understand the digital Industry and how to get started in this industry for better career opportunities. slide 3: INDEX What Is Digital Marketing............................................................................ Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing................................................... Major Components Of Digital Marketing........................................................ Why To Choose Digital Marketing As Your Career ........................................ Best Ways Of Learning Digital Marketing ..................................................... How To Get A Digital Marketing Job In India.................................................. Digital Marketing For SMALL BUSINESSES........................................................ How Can You Earn Money Through Digital Marketing ................................... Future Of Digital Marketing In India................................................................. slide 4: What Is Digital Marketing While surfing the internet or checking emails you must have received many shopping emails stating your last shopping action “Your cart has one item grab it before the offer ends.” Likewise you must have seen many advertisements on Youtube numerous entertaining videos from social media pages like PopXo BeingIndian ScoopWhoop etc. and companies sharing testimonials interviews product explainer videos on Facebook and many online campaigns on social media. These are the few concepts of Digital Marketing. slide 5: “ Digital Marketing is the new form of marketing where businessmen and marketers use digital medium and the internet as the source to target the customers or audiences for their branding and advertising. At a high level digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines websites social media email and mobile apps. It is a universal platform. Digital marketing is not only restricted to advertising and marketing companies several other sectors like banks education medical hospitality and even Government sector are channelizing the digital platform for marketing purposes. Hence in every field you may be heard or see Digital Marketers grooming and nourishing in the respective fields. ” slide 6: Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing Marketing Budget is an essential part for any business. It’s actually significant to spend it in the correct way and try to make most of it. But it’s really confusing to decide between digital marketing vs. traditional marketing when it comes to the budget For many organizations getting the correct “marketing” verdict is not an easy task even though it can make a huge difference in their outcomes. By gaining clearness between digital marketing and traditional marketing an organization can get a better inspiration of which marketing approach is suitable and how it should be implemented. What Is Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing is the conventional ways of marketing used ever since the idea of advertisements or marketing came into survival. Methods of Traditional Marketing include print ads hoardings magazines billboards newsletters promotional brochures flyers radio ads television ads etc. What Is Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a way to market your product and services through the online medium like Computers mobile etc. Digital Marketing involves the several ways like social media SEO blogging content marketing lead management paid search to reach out targeted traffic. The importance and popularity of Digital Marketing are growing every day. It’s the best career option for the current generation. Aspirants are looking for opportunities to step into Digital Domain. You will several institutes offering Digital Marketing course to aspirants. Now lets move forward... slide 7: Disadvantages Of Traditional Marketing Lack of Timeliness: Traditional marketing includes fixed text or commercials Ads to endorse services and products. If an advertisement is published in the newspaper it cant modify until you publish another Advertisement. Let say if you want to sell bicycles and you put an advertisement in the local newspaper and then you run out of your bicycle stocks. This will lead you to several unhappy customers. Costs: You need to pay for ads every time you place a new Ad in newspapers or mailers. Print or radio advertisements are very costly. Printing materials can be costly and you need to hire people to distribute these. Customization: With traditional marketing approach it is hard to aim a definite customer. Particular market segments can be targeted but not an individual. 4 P’s Of Marketing The ways of marketing have evolved. Now the organizations are targeting the popular 4 P’s of marketing: Product Price Place and Promotion. By using the four P’s of marketing an organization can really lead its prospects and customers through any sales funnel and see positive outcomes. Now let’s take a look at the 4 P’s: Product: A good marketing strategy starts with a complete understanding of your products/services. Price: The price of your product will depend on how well you understand your product. Price is constantly the influential part when it comes to things like supply demand profit margin etc. Promotion: Promotion is the only way to endorse your product and markets it to your target audience. Any technique that helps you to promote your product and services and gain more visibility/exposure comes under promotion Place: You marketing success heavily rely on getting your product in front of your target audience at the right time and place. slide 8: In the marketing world placement plays a vital role. Because when your product is located in a perfect location the chances of converting prospects to customers or clients increase a lot. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing Parameter1: Interaction and customer engagement It’s really hard to interact with the audience through traditional marketing. And to take the next step in the process generally an organization has to wait for customers to get in contact with them. However brands can directly connect with their targeted audience with digital marketing strategies by using social media comments emails or instant messengers. Moreover you can engage your audience in discussions much easier through video or questions consequently growing the possibility of repeat customers or brand loyalty. A brand can easily and effectively engage with their clients if there are any problems or issues as communication is instant. Parameter2: Measurability It’s almost impossible to measure the success of the traditional ways of marketing. However in digital marketing you can easily measure and view all information– from conversion and bounce rates to the number of visitors. There are several tools like Google Analytics mean that will help you to measure the effectiveness of your Ad campaign. Parameter3: Audiences Target Most of the time traditional marketing only reaches a local or regional audience even if your business isn’t limited to those locations. But with digital marketing you can connect with your customers globally. Parameter4: Price slide 9: Digital marketing is cheaper as compared to traditional marketing. It gives a greater ROI than traditional methods. The cost of paper and printing Ads are relatively high and marketers then have to spend even more money on distribution while television and newspaper ads are also very costly too. Digital marketing however is much more cost-effective and your adverts and brand are seen by a much greater audience meaning a lower portion of the budget brings in more business. Parameter5: Shareable Have you ever heard of a pamphlet going viral That’s because it doesn’t happen. If you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand digital marketing is the way forward. With Facebook users generating 4 million likes every minute creating high-quality content that is easily shareable is so important if you want your posts to be seen. With Facebook having over 1.19 billion monthly users while Twitter users average at around 232 million a month the opportunity for growth and engagement via social media is huge – posts are instantly shareable meaning your reach in infinite How We Use Both Digital Traditional Marketing Your traditional marketing ways support your digital marketing efforts. The two ways do not operate in exclusion from each other. But we only use hard copy marketing materials to further strengthen a relationship with a contact referral partner or client. We dont invest in television or radio ads for example but we will give brochures to someone who is interested in our services. Rather than taking an all or nothing approach it appears that a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital will perform best. slide 10: Major Components Of Digital Marketing At present Digital marketing seems to be the fastest growing industry in India. The best part of digital marketing is it can be used both for the small or large size of businesses. With the help of digital strategies it provides you with great ROI. You can generate leads and better conversion rates. It has the potential to reach customers and engage them with your product or services. It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market your brands when consumers are actually looking for it. Digital marketing is getting popular in metropolitan cities. A career in digital marketing can be an amazing choice for anyone. There are enormous job opportunities in digital marketing organizations are continuously looking for professionals and digital marketers for their projects. Here we have listed the five major components of Digital marketing: Content Marketing It is a technique of marketing in which creating valuable and relevant content helps to attract the targeted audience. It is basically focuses on publishing and distributing content for the consumers online. So if you are good at writing you can join any digital agency. Companies need more and more content as a result hiring for content writers are always there. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is a buzz these days. It is the process of promoting brands using social media channels like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Social media experts are always in demand. Social media jobs are highly paid. It is a great platform to reach the audience and there are so many opportunities in social media marketing to build your career. slide 11: SEO Search engine optimization SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engines unpaid results often referred to as "natural" "organic" or "earned" results. Seo services have its great demand. SEO is a must-have skill which will help you build your career in Digital Marketing. Learning SEO is a good start for your career if you are passionate about marketing websites and writing and blogging analytics and learning new skills. PPC It is online advertising which is used to direct traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Its a way of buying visits to your site rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. The good thing about choosing a PPC career path is there is no prerequisite degree required. You can explore PPC jobs on websites like Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business whether your goal is to build your brand or sell more stuff. You can learn email marketing through different online sources. This marketing is presently booming and you can take advantage of this scenario. slide 12: Why To Choose Digital Marketing As Your Career Digital Marketing becomes one of the biggest things as almost every organization is taking the digital way to promote their products/services. Digital industry is growing every day and the demand for numerous bright and creative minds is rising as well. And choosing a career in Digital Marketing is one of the best decisions for your professional life. As per a report digital industry is anticipated to produce 20 lacs jobs by 2020. The digital industry is speedily growing as well as extremely competitive. It needs enthusiasm dedication and a craving to succeed and offers you a rewarding career with outstanding long-term prospects. If you are thinking of learning Digital Marketing and want to select it as a career preference here are some reasons why you should choose your career in Digital Marketing. Growing Demand In Digital Marketing World Organizations are speedily moving from traditional to digital world. And the demand is going up bit by bit for the skilled digital marketers. If you want to be the part of this growing industry marketing you should get certified as soon as possible without slaying so much of time on thinking. As all the business enterprises and start-ups are hiring qualified digital marketers so it’s high time to get started. Numerous Career Opportunities To Investigate Digital marketing holds a lot of career and job opportunities for aspirants. The industry is packed with energy and passion. You will find several new digital marketing trends channels and tools every day. The industry is constantly offer new opportunities in digital marketing that a marketer can pursue. slide 13: Here are some popular job roles in Digital sector: • Website Designer • Search Engine Marketer • SEO Expert • Social Media Marketer • Content Marketer • Inbound Marketer • Email Marketer • Web Analyst • Blogger • Mobile Marketer • Affiliate Marketer You Can Get Growth In Job Or Start Your Own Venture Several reputed organizations such as Flipkart Amazon and Ikea are moving to the digital domains. And there will be a lot of opportunities for people to get a job in digital industry. You can use your experience and knowledge as a weapon to get decent job in these reputed organizations. Give You A Chance To Be Creative Digital Marketing as a career is filled with fun and creativity. The industry demands for a mind filled with innovation and creativity. With an overload of content and innovative stuff posted online every day every organization required a person who can imagine out of the box and generate an innovative content. slide 14: Great Pay And Perks The usual pay of a Digital Marketing Expert is above 5 lacs per year. Professionals from other occupation are shifting in this field. Digital marketing offers greater pay perks as compared to other domains. Web Marketing Strategic Marketing Web Design Online Marketing and Social Media Optimization are some of the highest paying skills related to digital marketing. No Technical Background Required You don’t need any specific set of skills or any technical knowledge to start your career in digital marketing. To start your career in digital industry you only need to follow your enthusiasm and passion to be a digital marketer. Moreover you don’t need to start as complete beginners to make it big in the business which is the best part of this industry. slide 15: Best Ways Of Learning Digital Marketing As consumers are spending more and more time on the internet businesses are also following online trends. They find it beneficial to promote their brand on digital platforms like social media. Most of the people have heard the term digital marketing but they are not aware of how it actually works. Digital marketing plays a vital role in promoting brands products and services online. This is a great way to showcase products in front of consumers when they are actually searching for it. With the high demand for digital media people are focussing on how to advertise their ads on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn etc… Using digital platforms gives their business a great ROI which was never easy in past years. That’s why organizations are constantly searching for innovative ideas digital tactics and digital professionals who can help them according to their business needs. There are many ways to learn Digital marketing. You can go for the online course it will help you to save money but it will not be able to provide you with full knowledge of this domain. Or if you want to keep yourself updated you can read blogs like: • MOZ • HUBSPOT • NEIL PATEL blogs • KISS METRICS • Videos– Videos are also considered as the greatest way to learn without investing money. There are also some tutorials for beginners. • Social Fresh • PR Daily News These might help you without investing your money. But I would suggest the most efficient and effective way is to learn from the offline resource. Unpaid resources can only give you an overview of it. If you want to be an expert in this industry you need to go for a professional digital marketing course. There are so many institutes which offer digital marketing training in all over India. Here is a list of some paid resources: slide 16: Digiperform Digiperform is a leading Digital marketing institute in Bangalore India. It offers various courses in digital marketing like social media marketing Facebook marketing display advertising SEO course etc. It is located in more than one city like Bangalore Pune Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Lucknow Guwahati Chandigarh and many more. The institution was founded by the duo of Manu Jolly and Vaibhav Vats in 2014. The faculty is so amazing and their curriculum is designed by the top industry experts across Asia. Students can take the benefit of 17+ Modules and comprehensive courses that cover all areas of digital marketing. Moreover they have trained more than 15000+ scholars professionals and organizations across the country. Courses they mainly offer: dCDME CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETING EXECUTIVE COURSE- This certification is ideal for beginners in the Digital Marketing Industry and helps you to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing in quick time. dCDMC CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT COURSE- This course is ideal for anyone looking to understand and implement A-Z Of Digital Marketing under a single umbrella program. Aspirants from the nearby province can take benefit from this centre by expanding in-demand digital marketing skills. Website – HiAim HiAim offers you an opportunity to learn how to make a substantial career in Digital Marketing. It is located in Delhi India. They provide different metrics to track almost everything that happens in the online advertising industry. slide 17: DIGITREND DigiTrend offers skills-based job ready digital marketing course in Gurugram. Learn Search Engine Marketing SEM Search Engine Optimization SEO Social Media Google Analytics Much More. Digital Edge Digital Edge Institute encourages student skills and performance with unique strategies and helps the best in Digital Marketing in Noida. Their mission is to give the best quality training and student services to meet the real needs of the digital marketing industry. Xplore Institute Xplore institute is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Surat. The skilled trainers of the institute are sharing their extensive theoretical and practical knowledge with their students for two years. Squareedu Squareedu is a digital marketing training institute in Lucknow. They provide a course for professionals entrepreneurs job seekers. slide 18: DigiLearnings DigiLearnings is the leading Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur or can say is the Best Digital Marketing Institution in Jaipur which provides in-class training with 100 practical exposure. Digital Nest Digital Nest A Certified and Times of India Award Winner For Best Digital Marketing training Provider in Hyderabad India. It offers Digital Marketing Course in which consists of SEO Training Google Adwords Training Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Google Analytics. CIIM Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing CIIM is a professional institute of Digital Marketing in Chandigarh Mohali Punjab India. Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or wants to upgrade your existing ones the course is ideal for everyone. slide 19: How To Get A Digital Marketing Job In India Digital marketing is one of the trending jobs in India. It’s actually a rewarding career for those who are passionate about the internet. With the huge demand for Digital Marketing the popularity of the digital domain is increasing day by day. Organizations have understood the huge potential in digital marketing and this has led to a huge demand for skilled digital marketers. How To Get Into Digital Marketing Presently many universities are still not including digital marketing as a core component in their curriculum as it’s a new domain and there is no experienced faculty to teach this new field of marketing. However there are several private Digital Marketing Institutes that offer Digital Marketing Training. And joining any renowned Digital Marketing Course can help you to learn practically get placement assistance. You can also get an overview by reading online Digital Marketing eBooks for jobseekers Entrepreneurs and online blogs or by video tutorial. Okay now without any delay I’ll get back to the main point. How to get a digital marketing job in India Here I am sharing the top 4 steps. Follow apply them to get a decent Digital Marketing job easily not only in India but in any part of the world as well. Know Your Passion: Before starting your career in digital marketing you should know your passion first. If you are sure about Digital Marketing then read on. slide 20: The digital marketing industry is growing at a very fast pace. You need to learn new things stay updated. You should follow top digital marketing blogs and sites and influential people on social media. This is the only difference between a passionate employee passionless employee. Self Branding Is Important: Your online presence is really important for you. A strong online presence will definitely be the major deciding factor among two candidates who have applied for the same position. So try to be active on Social Media. Start Blogging: You should start blogging in any niche that you are interested in. Select a relevant keyword and try to rank for it. Start promoting your blog to bring traffic to your blog. And then show your website statistics to the employer then the probability of standing out of the competition is high. Earn Certification: A good certification is really important to get a good job in the digital domain. However the above 4 steps are enough to get a decent digital marketing job. But still I recommend you to get certifications to stand out from your competition. Some of the well-known certifications are: • Google AdWords • Google Analytics • HubSpot • HootSuite At last if you dedicatedly follow these 4 steps you are certainly going to get a highly paid Digital Marketing job. slide 21: Digital Marketing For SMALL BUSINESSES Digital Marketing is really important for small businesses as it provides the opportunity to establish reliable communication with the customers for a considerably reduced budget. Digital marketing allows small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with huge brands which have not been possible with traditional marketing methods. Organizations are hiring for skilled digital marketing experts to handle their online portals. Even the companies are giving Digital Marketing Course to their employees through various corporate training programs. And there are several institutions that offer Digital marketing course for Business Owners. Small businesses are finding huge profits in the modern ways of marketing mainly in the digital and socially driven marketing domains where the potential to visualize and implement a successful marketing strategy is high. So what are the huge benefits for small businesses Here is the short list of the biggest and most efficient advantages of digital marketing for your small business. Publicity Through Quality Content Creating engaging content is the great way to generate the viral effect. Creating great content is the best way to create a viral effect amongst the audience. You can post images funny videos memes or writing interesting convincing blog posts to differentiate your brand from competitors. For small businesses producing engaging content is an exceptionally economical way of marketing. Your brand gets a lot of exposure with valuable content. Digital Marketing Is Cost Effective Small businesses have very little resource and budget. This is why Digital marketing is more cost- effective than traditional marketing ways. It can provide you with a cheaper and more effective way to reach the target audience and save a bunch of money. slide 22: Tracking And Analysis Besides cost-effectiveness digital marketing allows you to track the consumer behavior and engagement. You can track and analyze which ads and types of content they have seen shortly before they make a purchase. This shows you which marketing approaches are most effective for letting you filter and improve your strategy. Higher Return On Investment Digital marketing generates better Intel on customers and can offer considerably improved ROI. By escalating your digital outreach you can potentially grow your revenue. The more spotlights you can achieve for your brand the more leads you will produce. And the more data you can extract from your outreach campaigns the higher your ROI will be. Get Ahead Of Your Competition Most organizations have already tried traditional ways of advertising and now they are focusing on Digital Marketing. With plenty of competitors out there it is very tough to market your small business and get ahead of the others. And Digital marketing can help you with this. Track what is working for you what your current and potential customers are engaging with. Once you know what’s working for you repeat. slide 23: How Can You Earn Money Through Digital Marketing At present almost every business use digital channels to promote their brands. Digital marketing is cost-effective and result-oriented. You can always have a track with what things are working right or not. This helps you to strategize according to your business needs. You can always make a change. Now the question arises that how to learn digital marketing and earn money from it Here we’ve listed 6 ways to make money with it. Well Paid Job Undoubtedly digital marketing jobs are highly paid. There are so many sites like LinkedIn etc are always looking for the candidates in digital marketing. It is quite easy to get one. So many organizations post jobs in social networks like Facebook. It is predicted that there are 20 lacs jobs by 2020 in this domain. Start your own online store/website With having proper understanding and knowledge of digital marketing you can give a start to your business you can design your website and hire experts for the same. You can directly approach your customers and get great ROI. Work as a Freelancer You can use the power of freelance by picking up the projects on SEO PPC and Content etc. Working as a freelancer is always fun and exciting. You can earn good money with it. slide 24: You can teach as a Digital Marketing Trainer After doing digital marketing Training you can teach to beginners online and offline both. It will help you to earn money and it will make your goodwill good online. Work as a Digital Consultant You can work as a consultant and support to the organizations which are looking for the experts fresher’s for their projects. By doing this you can get a high commission. Work as Affiliate Marketer If you recommend a product to your friend and then he /she uses the link given by you to purchase the product then you would gain a commission out of that sale. This marketing is also called referral marketing. slide 25: Future Of Digital Marketing In India Digital Industry is on the rise with an exponential growth rate of 40. With more than 450 million internet users in India businesses can’t afford to ignore the importance of digital marketing and online media. As per a report by Social Beat 86 brands are using digital media to promote their product and services. And producing good quality leads is their top priority. By the year 2020 digital marketing will be the most preferred technique of marketing. There will be lots of career opportunity in digital marketing in 2020. A study by CII and KPMG shows that India’s digital advertising industry is increasing at 33.5 2015–2020 percent CAGR and by the year of 2020 its worth will surpass the INR 255 billion. Digital marketing landscape is varying constantly and were finishing out one more year of unbelievable advancements in technology and innovative strategies. Now whats coming in 2019 Let’s have a look Artificial Intelligence Will Rule Over The World Artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing. By using AI you can explore your consumer activities and their search patterns using stats from social media blogging platforms to know how your users customers search their products and services. Facebook messenger bots are perfect example of AI that can help you to automate optimize your customer service. slide 26: AI in 2019 will be the best way to cut costs and speed up growth and obtaining an edge over your competitors. Chatbots will stays as a significant part of digital marketing Chatbots will remain as an essential component of digital marketing in 2019. Over 1.4 billion individuals are interacting through chatbots and about 80 of organizations are already planning to use chatbots by 2020. Chatbots will save more than 8 billion per annum of your budget particularly in the banking and healthcare sectors. Generally many users wish to interact with chatbots as they are responsive reply quickly perfectly remember your complete buying history and never lose their patience. These chatbots work as virtual assistants and offer exceptional customer service in meeting customers’ expectations. slide 27: Famous Uber a peer-to-peer ridesharing taxi cab food delivery bicycle-sharing and transportation network company utilizes chatbot technology to be in touch with their customers and make it easier for customers to hire cabs even through Facebook Messenger from Slack or via Google Maps. CRM-based Applications The days are gone when organizations reached their target audience through website’s inquiry form and contact us pages. Now organizations are using CRM-based applications and integrated modules to tap their potential customers. With advancement in technology and development in digital media organizations are using new-age CRM applications. And by using this they can easily track their visitors at real-time and improve conversations by connecting their chat box with individual social media platform. And they can track their objectives all the time optimize brand promotion in the online sphere. slide 28: Mobile Marketing Usually over 70 of searches happen through mobile phones digital marketing experts are now using different ways to endorse their brands through mobile. Organizations are now optimizing their Digital video Ads for the mobile medium. Moreover Google initiated its mobile-first index that means the search giant will crawl the web from a mobile phone viewpoint. So it’s essential your mobile website is corresponding to your desktop website and that nothing important is missing. Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is referring as word-of-mouth marketing in which you pay influencers or key leaders to deliver your brands message to a larger group of consumers Influencer marketing is a very effective way to attract target customers. But need to select your Influencers effectively according to your brand. Your Influencer can be anybody celebrities Instagramers YouTube stars or popular bloggers journalists who can help you to spread the word about your brand or products.

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