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Information about competencies-consultation

Published on December 11, 2008

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Slide 1: APA2003 1 Consultation,Interdisciplinary Relationships and InterprofessionalCollaborations: Modeling for the Future Overview : APA2003 2 Overview The context Workgroup’s purpose/charge Consultation as a domain Working definitions Points on consensus The Competence components Competency-based consultation training Future directions Objectives : APA2003 3 Objectives To address fundamental issues regarding consultation and interprofessional collaboration in professional psychology. To articulate working definitions, consensus points about psychologists as consultants and interprofessional collaborators, consulting competencies blueprint for preparation, assessment strategies for consultation competencies, and future directions. Underpinnings : APA2003 4 Underpinnings Principles for Education and Training at the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Level in Consulting Psychology/Organizational (APA, 2000) Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (APA, 1999). Multicultural Guidelines on Education and Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists (APA, 2002). APA Ethical Standards. Consensus Points : APA2003 5 Consensus Points Psychologists are experts in human behavior which they can assess and influence through practice in a variety of settings with different levels of focus (i.e., individual, group, systems); Interprofessional collaboration (to include interdisciplinary relationships) both internal and external to psychology is a core competency for all psychologists. Psychologists can make distinctive contributions as consultants insofar as consultation is practiced by scientifically trained professionals with relational skills, cultural competence, values, social justice orientation, and psychological assessment proficiency (i.e., psychometrics, measurement, and evaluation). Consultation is a core competency for education and training for professional psychology. Working Definition : APA2003 6 Working Definition Psychological consultation focuses on the needs of individuals, groups, programs or organizations. It refers to planned interactions between the professional psychologist (consultant) and one or more clients or colleagues (consultees) relative to a problem, person, area, or program. Psychological consultation is based on principles and procedures found within psychology and related disciplines which a professional psychologist appliesher/his areas of expertise in response to the presenting needs and stated objective of consultees. Consultation Competence Components : APA2003 7 Consultation Competence Components Foundational knowledge (e.g., theories about systems, organizations and consultation0 Cultural self-awareness (guided by APA : Multicultural Guidelines) Relevant skill sets: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral (CEB schema) Implementation skills (e.g., process planning, client management, team facilitation) Competency-Based Consultation Training : APA2003 8 Competency-Based Consultation Training Requires a balance between generic and specialty-specific consultation competencies and Personal/professional development Graduate level practical, supervised experience Formal coursework in systems theory Ethics Additional considerations=multidisciplinary reading literature reviews, and textbooks. Consultation Education & Training : APA2003 9 Consultation Education & Training Interprofessional education, training, and scholarship prepares psychologists to: 1) work in a respectful, collaborative, integrative, and informed manner within our own field and with other disciplines and professions; and 2) work with individuals groups, systems, and organizations that may have diverse values, ethical perspectives, and worldviews, and may be accountable to different constituencies. Assessment of Consultation Competencies : APA2003 10 Assessment of Consultation Competencies Peer/faculty evaluation through traditional methods: Observations Capstone experience Objective, outcome-based measures Supervised field experiences Case analysis Future Directions : APA2003 11 Future Directions Completion of a coherent statement regarding consultation, interdisciplinary relationships and interprofessional collaboration. Articulation of consultation education and training domains from developmental perspectives. Compilation of bibliographies, training modules, dictionary of psychology-relevant consultation terms, and continuing education programs. Thoughts about Consultation : APA2003 12 Thoughts about Consultation Consultation is an art that requires relationship development in order to facilitate understanding by the consultee of the core issues they may be experiencing. Future Directions : APA2003 13 Future Directions Complete a good coherent document.(ST) Dissemination tasks: Determine to what extent competencies for consultation are shared by other professional psychologists by Elicit feedback from related groups and entities, (i.e.,Divisions, credentialing and accreditation bodies) to enrich the competency development process. (ST) Más para el Futuro : APA2003 14 Más para el Futuro Further articulation of Consultation education and training domain from developmental perspectives (core & specialty) across A & B levels. Development of modules. Assessment of education & training competencies for reliability and validity. Communication from academic programs that consultation is one of the service areas of the department, a benefit to students and communities. Taskforce to define and implement systems that professional psychology can define and sell. Para el Futuro : APA2003 15 Para el Futuro APA presentation (Conversation Hour) through BEA, BPA, Divisions and other entities. Proposals to all training councils. Steering Committee prepare a presentation package as a product of this conference. More Future Directions : APA2003 16 More Future Directions Practice-Research Network. Consultation-based conference involving specialty areas. Article representing the consultation domain in professional psychology. Bibliographies, training modules, dictionary of psychology-relevant consultation terms, continuing education. Consultation Work Group : APA2003 17 Consultation Work Group Sharon Berry Steering Committee: Joe Rallo Lisa Bischoff Recorder: Louise Douce Nancy Garfield Facilitator: Patricia Arredondo Sharon Robinson Kurpius Mike Neale Craig Shealy Nancy Tippins Barbara Van Horne Jack Wiggins LaPearl Logan Winfrey

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