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Published on December 16, 2017

Author: gcmohanta29


slide 1: COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT - ASSIGNMENTS – By Dr. G C Mohanta PhD Unit – I 1. What is the role of compensation and rewards in modern organization What are the advantages of a fair compensation system 2. Explain the need for designing of compensation Policy. What is the importance of compensation system in business organizations 3. What do you mean by Compensation Structure What are the components of modern Compensation structure 4. Explain the importance of salary survey. What are the objectives of such a survey Unit – II 1. Discuss the bases for traditional pay system and modern pay system. How are pay plans established 2. How does an organization align compensation strategy with its HR strategy and Business strategy 3. What is seniority and longevity pay How is merit pay linked with competitive strategy 4. What do you mean by job based pay skill based pay and competency based pay Explain. Unit – III 1. How is internal consistent compensation system built 2. Explain process of building market competitive compensation system. 3. How does an organization build pay structures that recognizes individual contributions 4. How do you design pay for knowledge programme Explain. Unit – IV 1. What are the components of employee benefits Discuss the legal requirement for benefits. slide 2: 2. Explain in detail various employee benefits and employee services. What is Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association VEBA 3. Discuss the process of designing and planning of benefit program. What do you mean by totally integrated employee benefit program 4. What are the components of discretionary core fringe compensation Explain. Unit – V 1. What is international compensation What competitive strategies are important for international compensation 2. What compensation packages should be given to expatriates and repatriates 3. Discuss briefly the strategic issues and choices in using contingent and flexible workers. 4. What are the various elements of executive compensation Explain.

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