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Published on June 13, 2019

Author: AdamTipton75


1. Comparisonof the three films Audience Zombieland appeals to people who are fans of the comedy genre. The audience also consists of people who are fans of the stars in the film. They would be between the age of 16 and 24. 2AM is a film made by fans of the horror genre most films like this are fan made and shown at horror film festivals. They would also appeal to older teens/younger adults. Sing street would apply to fans of the musical genre and fans of irish made films. It also appears to adults who would have been teems at the time the film was set. Purpose The purpose of Zombieland it to entertain people but to also make money. Zombieland was also made to revive the horror comedy genre. These films like 2AM are made for other film fans aswell as ways to show their work to bigger directors. The purpose of Sing street is like Zombieland it to entertain people but to also make money. Sing street was also made to help built up the irish film industry. Narrative Zombieland consists of a five act structure and has a mainly linear narrative. There are a few flashbacks but nothing else. In the film the characters have one main aim which is to get to pacific playland and to find a Twinkie. Zombieland is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the real world. 2AM the smiling man starts in the middle of the narrative. There is only two characters the “attacker” and the “victim”. It is typical for short films to only

2. have a few characters. There is also only one narrative thread in most short films, 2AM included. 2AM is set in the real world. Sing street also follows a five act structure like Zombieland it also has a linear narrative. However sing street has a larger cast and a lot more characters. There are also more narrative threads as a number of side characters have their stories. It is set in the real world with musical sequences. Genre Zombieland has the theme of comedy horror the “monsters” are zombies and they act in more of a funny way than a scary way. 2AM and short horror films in general follow the theme of the victim getting killed by being curious and getting isolated and killed. They also all use scary music to set the tone. Sing street follows the musical genre and has a fantasy romance theme during songs. The show takes place in random parts of the film when they burst into song.

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