Comparison between grub-legacy ,lilo and grub -2

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Information about Comparison between grub-legacy ,lilo and grub -2

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: iamumr



Point wise comparison between grub-legacy and lilo followed by the comparison between grub2 and grub-legacy

LILO vs GRUB vs GRUB 2 The Ultimate Showdown

LILO vs GRUB ● ● LILO allows a single command with arguments. User should manually overwrite the configuration file.The users need to take an approach like booting from a live CD ● ● GRUB has a better interactive command line interface. Dynamically configurable nature allows much easier to correct a misconfigured configuration file in GRUB.

LILO vs GRUB contd... ● ● ● Low technical support Network booting not allowed Very well tested and used widely by sys admins ● ● ● ● Very good technical support Can boot from network Well documented Understands filesystems.

GRUB vs GRUB 2 ● ● Has two config file menu.lst and grub.conf Very hard to change the configuration for normal user ● ● Has only one main configuration file (grub.cfg) Grub-mkconfig automatically changes the configuration.

GRUB vs GRUB 2 ● ● Partition numbers start from 0 Configuration file has completely different format. ● ● Partition number start from 1 Configuration file is now very close to a full scripting language.

GRUB vs GRUB 2 ● ● ● GRUB uses physical and logical addresses to address the disk. Supports many free and proprietary OS Can read from many partitions but not from newer partitions (LVM, RAID) ● ● ● GRUB 2 uses UUID to identify a disk thus is more reliable. Supports even more O.S Supports LVM and RAID devices.

GRUB vs GRUB 2 ● ● Image files are divided in three parts Very few modules available. ● ● Images reorganized in two parts. Stages 1, 1.5 , 2 are no more. Modules are increased thus allowing core.img to be smaller.

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