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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: nageswarrao790



Let us Learn Functional & Usage English with ANR.

Compared to Vs Compared with Voiced & compiled Nageswar Rao. A. English Teacher 03/09/14

In order to show likeness we use “compared to”.  Life is compared to a dream.  She likes herself to be compared to Helen.  Rahul always compares himself to is brother. To show differences, compare is usually used with “with”  We can’t compare dogs with cats. (As there are more differences than similarities.)  My mother was never happy with my academic record. She always compared me with my brother who used to get better grades. 03/09/14

Please remember, we use “compared with” when differences are more important than similarities. We use “compared to” when similarities are more important than differences. This house doesn’t compare to our previous one. ( = It is not bad as previous one.)  This house doesn’t compare with our previous one. ( = it is not as good as previous one.)  03/09/14

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