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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: Uliana12345


Doyou remember comparatives & superlatives?

Let’s seea comparison b

Comparative adjective+ THAN younger than I’m younger thanBarbara. Barbara’s more intelligentthanSarah. more intelligent than

Weuse Comparatives for… things, people or actions. 2

Much + Comparative adjective+ THAN younger than She’s much nicerthanher sister. Is Tokyo muchmore modern thanLondon? more intelligent than Much Much

the + Superlative adjective biggestthe He’s thefunniestboy intheclass. Whichis thetallestbuildingintheworld? Thisis themost interestingidea in theworld. the most cheerful

Weuse superlatives for… things, people or actions. 3 or more

as adjective / adverb as Jim’s as tall as Peter. She runs as fast as Robert. She speaks Frenchas wellas you. Jim’s not as tall as Peter. She doesn’t run as fast as Robert. She doesn’t speakFrenchas well as you.

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