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Published on April 2, 2014

Author: fortunalu


Comparatives Practice Class:__________ No:_________  Please make sentences by using comparatives. Date: 20140402 Ex. Judy is more beautiful than David. David is uglier than Judy. taller shorter 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ more expensive cheaper 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ hotter colder 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ happier sadder 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ better worse 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ Your _______ ________’s ________ __________ __________ 1. ___________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ Judy David Frank Willy the wine the liquor the weather in Kenting the weather in Japan Ben Billy Ben’s grade Billy’s grade Teacher Fortuna Lu Blog: Leo and Fortuna 的英語教學 Slideshare:

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