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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Raimondo


COMPANY PROFILE :  COMPANY PROFILE Health Food HAETTER Co., Ltd. Hanpoong B/D 1F, 981-52, Bangbae 3-dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, South Korea Tel: 82-2-581-9404 Fax: 82-2-557-5885 Email: Homepage: CONTENTS:  CONTENTS 1. HAETTER GROUP 2. HAETTER VISION 3. MARKETABILITY OF HEALTH FOOD 4. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 5. BUSINESS PROPOSAL Haetter Group Network:  Haetter Group Network Daehan Hongsam Inc. Daehan Hongsam Inc. Japan Ducksan Exhibition of Public Relations World Janggi Corpo Cham Life Inc. Haetter Broadcasting station Inc. BRAIN TV Haetter P&G Inc. Haetter Co ltd Haetter Group Business:  Daehan Hongsam Inc. Daehan Hongsam Inc. Japan Ducksan Exhibition of Public Relations World Janggi Corpo Cham Life Inc. BRAIN TV Haetter P&G Inc. Haetter Co ltd ‘Cheong Kwan Jang ‘Brand Sales Corp (door-to-door sales) Agency/Salesman: 150/3,000 Health Food Manufacturing Corp Cable , satellite and DMB Program for entertainment, education and culture Health Food Specialized in Exhibition and Mail order sales Have a monopoly on the profit business of the Korean Chess Association/Aligned with the Japan Chess Association Permanent Exhibition Center for ‘Daehan Hongsam’ and ‘Haetter’ products. ‘Cheong Kwan Jang” Sales in Japan Business connection: more than 70 Health Food sales home and abroad about 100 agencies. Haetter Group Business History:  2006. 12 Participate in The Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo 2006 2006. 11 Participate in Natural Health Fair 2006 in Hong Kong 2006. 11 Participate in The 5th World Korean Business Convention 2006. 09. Participate Food & Hotel 2006 in Vietnam 2006. 09. Participate Inter Food in Indonesia 2006. 06. Participate in Food Taipei 2006 in Taiwan 2006. 05. Participate in ThaiFex 2006 Food Show in Thailand 2006. 04. Participate in Natural Product West Show in Anaheim 2005. 12. Participate in Natural Product Asia Show in Hong Kong 2005. 07. Selected as a target business of export support by small and medium business administration 2005. 03. Obtained the certificate of HACCP 2005. 02. Certified ISO 14001 2004. 06. Power-Khan certified the quality by U.S.A. FDA 2004. 02. Power-Khan goes on sale in Japan 2003. 11. Momezon passes safety residue of agricultural chemical, heavy metal, PH experiment standard by FDA 2003. 10. Certified as Annex Technology Association 2003. 09. Established Haetter Co., Ltd. 2001. 08. Established Daehan Red Ginseng Japan 1999. 12. Founded Daehan Red Ginseng Corp. 1996. 05. Obtained the right to sale monopoly with KT&G History Organization Map:  Organization Map Capital : Korea Won 300,000,000 / US$300,000 Annual Turnover (2004) : Korea Won 5,250,000 / US$5,250,000 Number of Employee : 55 wokers Overseas Sales Office : 東京都 新宿区 大久保 1-1-11 4F TEL:03-3202-8563 Vision :  Vision Make Haetter a world-class Brand MISSION STRATEGY PR and Ad through “Haetter Broadcast - Aims to reach a 10M mark of view rating by 2006 Win-Win policy through strategical alliance with other companies. Nurture a specialized group for healthy food - Ginseng, Red Ginseng Related Health Food Product - Health Food Product for Men - Health Food Product for Women - Health Food Product the the elderly -Health Food Product for children. Intensively Nurture the “Haetter Health Center” - Secure 3,000 connections for Haetter products by the end of 2007. - Secure various distribution channels : door-to –door, mail order, home- shopping and exhibition sales. Build a world-wide network for sales of health food -Advance into the world market including the US and Japan markets Marketability of Health Food :  Marketability of Health Food Rapid Growth at double-digit every year(expected to grow more than 7-10% every year for the next decade) States of the world health food market by year Marketability of Health Food:  Marketability of Health Food World Market Distribution by Market Share Development centering on industrialized countries :US, Europe, Japan/account for 85%of the world market Advance into the developing Asian and Mid-East markets. Rapid growth of the specialty products (Vegetable Extracts) POTENTIAL GROWTH OF THE HEALT FOOD ACROSS THE WORLD:  POTENTIAL GROWTH OF THE HEALT FOOD ACROSS THE WORLD Change in diseases thanks to the changes of life style - the importance of the health food is rising as more and more people suffer from ailments caused by work-stress, lack of exercise and bad diet habits. Growing population More and more grey population are looking for the health food. Existing chemical dietary supplements have some limits. Side effect of the existing chemical dietary supplements and the developing resistance to it. The limitation of the existing general food supplements. The limitation of dealing with the health problems due to the lowering effects of the general food supplements. The entrance of the health food with strong scientific ground. Increased reliance on the healthy food thanks to the entrance of the health food with strong scientific and medical ground. Recognized by governments and nations. - Being prepared to be stipulated by law as recognized its efficiency as a alternative medicine and prescription. Slide11:  Potential Growth of the Health Food Across the World (Distribution Channels) Fitness Centers Door-to door Sales Supermarkets Large Discounters Pyramid Selling -Specialized Food Store -Natural Food Store Convenience stores Bending Machines Pharmaceutical Franchises Net work Marketing -Mail Order Sales -Internet Sales Local Distribution Channels can be varied by countries. North America and Europe: sales mainly through Health Food Stores Japan and Korea: sales mainly through door-to –door sales Network Marketing (including Internet shopping,) is getting worldwide popularity. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION :  PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Category of products Functional Health Food: Power Khan, Yeorian, Exceve, Bethfos, Wet Trust Dietary Supplement: Momezon, Sollos, Rose patra Ginseng & Red ginseng products: Korean Red Ginseng Tea,, Korean Ginseng Tea, Korean Ginseng Antler Extract Soft Capsule, Korean Red Ginseng Extract Gold Capsule, Korean Red Ginseng Tonic for Tea with Root, URA-CHA-CHA(Red ginseng drink), Liquor buddy, etc. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION (Power Khan):  PRODUCT INTRODUCTION (Power Khan) “Power Khan” : Certainly helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED),premature ejaculation and prostatitis. Take feel that Power Khan significantly improve their ability to get and maintain an erection and enjoy sex drive with love partner *By taking doses according to age and physical needs: I time/60%,2 time/20%,and 3time/10% ->has reached total 90% of effectiveness and can adjust amount by physical health. *For improving physical health, relieving constipation and hangover. *Have a continuous effect with less doses over time by accumulating previous doses. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION (Power-Khan) Scientific significance and core technology:  “What is the vacuum secret process? -Reproduction of a unique process: put garlic in watermelon, spread yellow soil around the watermelon and then heat it with steam -Get rid of the garlic smell and help nutritious elements of watermelon to be absorbed well. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION (Power-Khan) Scientific significance and core technology Slide15:  PRODUCTS TO BE RELEASED BUSINESS PROPOSAL:  The increased need for the Dietary Supplement Increased interests in health with the enhanced life standards, raising number of the elderly and the well-being boom. Health Food markets that are growing explosively. - advance into the Asian, Mid-Eastern and South American markets beyond the existing markets in US,, Europe and Japan -expected to enjoy the high growth (more than 10% annually) - have a tendncy to purchase the order of priority under economic depression Various sales markets and high-profit business - secure more counters in healthy food markets and discounters - advance into the existing medical supplies including hospitals and pharmacies. - expand the markets for door-to-door and non-store sales (home shopping and internet sales) - guarantee high return for every sales route (marginal rate of 80~100%) BUSINESS PROPOSAL Success Factor for the Health Food Slide17:  Success Factor for the Healthy Food by Haetter BUSINESS PROPOSAL

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