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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: JasonSohn



Fasoo Secure Document for SharePoint

CompanyandProductOverview 1Q/2014 FSD for SharePoint 1

Company Overview 2  Founded in June, 2000  Specializes in Enterprise DRM (EDRM) solutions and services  Holds 270 employees, and more than 60% of employees has security consulting or DRM engineering backgrounds  Deployed over 1,200 organizations for more than 2 million users  Most of customers have deployed the solutions in enterprise-wide scale, and 20+ customers have the deployment of over 100,000 users worldwide  Launched DigitalQuick (secure cloud collaboration) in 2013 External Communication

Value Proposition 3  Protects valuable information such as trade secrets & classified information beyond controlled boundaries (data-centric)  Ensures valuable digital assets are only viewed by the intended audience and unauthorized copies of documents are not produced and circulated  Reduces the risk of intellectual property loss while collaborating with 3rd parties External Communication Secure Inter- Organizational Communications Effective Knowledge Management Regulatory Compliance

NewChallenges 4  Tightened regulation and compliance around PII and data integrity  Growing concerns of losing intellectual properties and trade secrets  Increasing threats by insiders/authorized users  New data security demands in cloud, mobile and social computing External Communication

Problems in Conventional Security 5  Conventional security solutions (Firewall, IPS,VPN, DLP) basically establish a physical boundary whose inside is assumed safe  Difficult to set up an effective policy against unfaithful insiders and smart hackers  In cloud and mobile computing environment, it is impossible to define the physical boundary of safe inside  These limitations have been seen repeatedly through a series of PII leak incidents External Communication

Fasoo Enterprise DRM 6  Fasoo Enterprise DRM safeguards and prevents unauthorized use of digital files and provides consistent and reliable protection of the documents with effective file encryption, permission control and audit trail technologies.  The solution offers customers persistent document security through encryption technologies that limit document access and rights.  It allows enterprises to prevent unintended information disclosure or exposure, ensure a secure information sharing environment, better manage workflows and simplify secure collaboration. External Communication

As-Is 7External Communication Steve in Sales Sam in Sales Sam creates and shares price list with Steve. Steve reviews & shares the final version to Fred in Finance. Fred in Finance Fred receives the list from Seth via email, and makes updates (incl. PII) on his ledger. Cameron can print any document. Cam, Contractor Ex-Employee Ex-employees can access any document (copied while he was with previous organization). Business Traveler Partner Employee External users could access documents with full access Business travelers could access documents with full permission. Security Vulnerability

To-Be 8External Communication Steve in Sales Sam in Sales Sam creates and shares price list with Steve. Steve reviews & shares the final version to Fred in Finance. Fred in Finance Fred receives the list from Seth via email, and makes updates (incl. PII) on his ledger. Cameron prints protected documents, and visible watermark is placed on non-PII documents. However, Cameron cannot print documents w/ PII. Cam, Contractor Ex-Employee Ex-employees attempt to access protected document, but have no access to protected documents. Business Traveler Partner Employee External users with appropriate credentials could access FSE-enabled documents using automated email authentication. Business travelers could access protected documents via offline license, but have limited permission. ProtectedGained abilities to secure, control and track sensitive documents no matter where they are. Security Admin

General Flow of Data andSW Components 9External Communication DRM Packager DRM Client/Agent DRM Server MobileGateway MobileApp

Characteristic 10  Fasoo secures information persistently regardless of location or whether it is at rest, in transit or in use.  Products manage documents created locally at a PC, created and stored inside a document repository, such as Microsoft SharePoint, or created and distributed to ad-hoc external users, using email, FTP, file sharing services, USB drives or other distribution methods.  Documents are encrypted and access is controlled through a policy (License) defined by administrators or document creators.  Since a DRM Client controls access to the rendering application, access is only granted through a License.  Each time a user accesses a document, the DRMClient contacts the DRM Server for a License.  This enables an administrator or document creator to change access permissions dynamically and even revoke access to a document once the document is created and distributed. External Communication

FSD --------------------- Protects/controls/tracks documentshaveleftthe protectiveconfinesofthe repository --------------------- FSDServer FSDServer-Packager DRMClient 11External Communication Item Description Encryption • FSD Server-Packager (encryption module) integrates with web server of repository to encrypt target documents automatically. • While encrypting documents, the module is also injecting metadata (e.g., document’s library path, repository’s ID, FSD Server ID, etc. as DRM/IRM policy identifiers). • Even if the encrypted documents are being edited at desktops, its derivatives also maintain the consistent DRM policy by the client. Authentication • FSD Server communicates either repository, user directory (e.g., AD) or 3rd party authentication tool to validate user credentials. Policy • FSD Server communicates with repository by sending document ID (e.g., document’s library path, file ID, etc.) and user ID, then is mapping the user’s repository permission (e.g., Read,Contribute, Full Control, etc.) with DRM permission (e.g.,View, Edit,Capture,Watermark, etc.) • After permission mapping, FSD Server generates permission License file, then sends back to the user (DRM Client) for document access. Audit trail • DRM Client sends document usage logs (e.g., user ID, file ID, device, network information) back to FSD Server periodically.

FSD --------------------- GeneralFlowofData andSWComponents 12External Communication FSD Server RepositoryUser 1 User Directory (AD) User 2 (w/ credentials) User 3 (w/o credentials) Has View/Edit, but no Print/Capture permissions

FSD for SharePoint --------------------- EnablingIRMforDocument Library–Encryptingonthe fly(1) 13Confidential

FSD for SharePoint --------------------- EnablingIRMforDocument Library–Encryptingonthe fly(2) 14Confidential

FSD for SharePoint -------------------- SettingIRMPermissionfor DocumentLibrary(1) 15Confidential

FSD for SharePoint -------------------- SettingIRMPermissionfor DocumentLibrary(2) 16Confidential

FSD for SharePoint -------------------- SettingIRMPermissionfor DocumentLibrary(3) 17Confidential

FSD for SharePoint -------------------- Allowingadministratorsto grantPrint/Screen Capture/OfficeAccessto users/groups 18Confidential

Customizable Permission Mapping -------------------- Allowingadministratorsto mapexistingSharePointlist permissions 19Confidential SP Permission DRM Permission Level (Detail DRM Permission) ViewListItem View (VIEW) EditListItems, ManageList or AddandCustomizePages Edit (VIEW, EDIT, SECURE_SAVE, SECURE_EXTRACT) ManagePermissions, ManageWeb or FullMask Full (VIEW, EDIT, SECURE_SAVE, SAVE, SECURE_EXTRACT, EXTRACT) n/a Print (PRINT, SECURE_PRINT) n/a Screen Capture (PRINT_SCREEN) SP Permission Level DRM Permission Level (Detail DRM Permission) Read, Restricted Read or View Only View (VIEW) Design, Approve or Contribute Edit (VIEW, EDIT, SECURE_SAVE, SECURE_EXTRACT) Full Control or Manage Hierarchy Full (VIEW, EDIT, SECURE_SAVE, SAVE, SECURE_EXTRACT, EXTRACT) n/a Print (PRINT, SECURE_PRINT) n/a Screen Capture (PRINT_SCREEN)

Direct FileAccess inSharePoint -------------------- Openingaprotected documentintheprotected library *IncaseofPDFfile,userwillbe askedtodownloadacopy (protected)atlocalPC 20Confidential

Direct File Editing/Saving in SharePoint -------------------- Savingaprotected documentdirectlytothe samelibrary *IncaseofPowerPoint,direct editing isrestricted,andusermust downloadacopy(protected),and uploadtherevisedfile. 21Confidential

Persistent Protection & Dynamic Permission Control --------------------- Ifaprotecteddocument (lockicon)issavedatPC, localcopymaintainsa consistentpolicyofthe protectedlibrary/object storefolder. 22External Communication

SecureExtract --------------------- Ifaprotecteddocumentis editedatPC,itsderivative (e.g.,PDF)maintainsa consistentpolicyofthe protectedlibrary/object storefolder. 23External Communication

SecureCopy & Paste --------------------- Copy/cut&paste(drag& drop)isonlyallowed within/betweenprotected documents,anddoesnot allowusers(w/edit capability)toextract contentfromprotected documentto unprotected file. 24External Communication

ScreenCapture Prevention (1) --------------------- Screencapturecanonlybe allowedwhenuserhas appropriateuser credentials. 25External Communication

ScreenCapture Prevention (2) --------------------- Screencapturecanonlybe allowedwhenuserhas appropriateuser credentials. 26External Communication

Customer Benefit 27External Communication Raising Competitive Advantages Optimizing Productivity Data- Centric Security

Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED) Suite 28External Communication Desktop Repository External Print Display Mobile Pattern-Based Context-Aware

Key Differentiator --------------------- Longevity, BreadthofSolution 29  Longevity ‐ Fasoo is a leading DRM/IRM company in the global market. Since 2000, Fasoo has focused its efforts on protecting clients' critical information from unauthorized users. Most other DRM/IRM focused companies have been acquired or altered their focus.  Breadth of solution ‐ Based on the 14+ years of DRM/IRM focus, Fasoo has been able to build an extremely broad solution set with the ability to handle the enterprise requirements of data stored in repositories, created on local devices and transmitted through Ad-hoc means. Fasoo continues to develop products to meet the changing requirements including adding Mobile Device Support (iOS,Android), Cloud Sharing Support (like Dropbox) and soon to be released support for Mac. No other products in the market can satisfy the enterprise requirements like Fasoo. External Communication

Key Differentiator --------------------- Flexibility, Scalability 30  Flexibility ‐ Fasoo understands that the market is extremely broad and while current solutions can integrate with key market leading products like SharePoint (repository) Outlook (email), organizations may have proprietary needs. As a result, Fasoo has SDKs with APIs available in Java, C and C++ for integration into any document repository.  Scalability ‐ Fasoo has proven to scale within some of the largest environments in the world. Large portion of Fasoo customers have the deployment of over 10,000 users enterprise-wide, and more than 20 customers have the deployment of over 100,000 users worldwide. External Communication

Key Differentiator --------------------- ExtensiveApplication Coverage, Mobile Platforms 31  Extensive application coverage ‐ Fasoo supports an extremely broad base of rendering applications. While most companies only support Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF, Fasoo extends to nearly 50 applications and exponentially more file types. Fasoo has the ability to extend the application support upon client's request.  Mobile platforms ‐ Access to content is no longer restricted to the PC.With the mobile device explosion, it is critical that DRM/IRM solutions enable at a minimum the ability to view files on a iOS or Android device. As a result in 2011, Fasoo released its proprietary iOS and Android App. External Communication

Wrap-upandQ&A 32

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