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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Rachele


Community Wellness & Education Programme:  Community Wellness & Education Programme Gore Health Ltd Ralph La Salle – Chief Executive What is it?:  What is it? Series of seminars, talks, screenings and clinics To inform and educate community on health issues and active lifestyles A way for the hospital to give something back to the community for its support Supports our Hospital vision of having the Best People, providing the Best Care to the Healthiest Community How Does It Work?:  How Does It Work? Five to ten seminars or talks each month Wide range – young to old, male/female, athlete/couch potato, conventional/alternative Topics have included Men’s Health Palliative Care in the Community Baby Blues Acupuncture Women at Midlife How Does It Work?:  How Does It Work? One Wellness Clinic per month Target specific concern in the community How Does It Work?:  How Does It Work? All programmes are free of charge Results:  Results Goals for Seminars Up to three goals/outcomes set for each seminar Each participant is asked to complete an evaluation We achieve our goals if the participant has the same three outcomes that we envisioned Results:  Results Prescription Drug Checks Savings in one case of $200/month Mole Spot Checks 15% of first day required referral for suspicious mole Cholesterol Screening 62% referred for high Cholesterol levels Support Groups Started Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS & Parkinson’s Where To Now?:  Where To Now? Employee Wellness Currently running a programme within the hospital called Gold Rush 2004 – participants track their exercise/activities along the Olympic Torch route Currently have a 69% participation rate with staff Corporate Wellness Provide seminars/training to local industry and business Provide Wellness Clinics targeted to business needs

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