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Published on March 9, 2014

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Community Trading

Urban Scavengers 都市流浪者 Came  from  rural  area,  try  to   survive  in  Shanghai.  

Wonder in crowded places 在人潮拥挤的地方徘徊 These  places  are  full  of  recyclable  goods:   bo<les,  cans,  disposed  ba<eries.  

Food comes from random kindness 食物靠随机的好心人施舍 They  have  limited  access  to  food,   water,  and  other  hygienic  needs.  

Homeless shelter are not ideal place 收容管理所不是理想的去所 Homeless  shelters  posi?on  themselves  as  temporary  places.  They  are   not  welcoming  for  these  people  for  long  term  staying.  

NGO and churches provide occasional food NGO和教会提供偶尔的食物 These  helps  don’t  arrive  everyday.  Some?mes  they  will  miss  the  food   if  they’re  collec?ng  garbage  somewhere  else.  

Wounded fingers are very common 捡拾垃圾很容易让手受伤 They  all  suffer  certain  degrees  of  medical  issues.  There  aren’t   immediate  help  available.  They  usually  just  learn  to  live  with  it.  

Current situation 这是目前情况 Recycling  Sta3on   Exchange  for  Money   Food  Water   Too  liDle   Begging  for  food   Church   Weekly  Help   Hygienic  Issue   Not  in  3me   Accept  Randomly   Temp  Accommoda3on   Not  in  3me   Trust  Issue   Homeless  Shelter   Random  Kindness  

Their pain points 他们目前的痛点 They  feel  they  have  no  respect  when   interac?ng  with  other  people.   Those  random  food  may  not  be  clean   and  they  don’t  come  regularly.     They  are  suffering  from  different   hygienic  problems.  

Our proposals 我们的提案 Recycling  Sta3on   Recycle  for  money   NGO,  church,  and  public  service   Food,  cash,  and  service   Provide  food,  water,  shower   Collect  recycle  goods   Community   Trading   (our  social  entrepreneur)   Food,  cash,  and  service   Homeless  Scavangers   Volunteers  

Self-service trading machine 自助回收物交换服务机 •  Collect  boDles,  3n  cans,  baDeries.   •  Select  desired  services:  food,  water,  shower.   •  Insert  into  machine  for  recycling.   •  Get  the  desired  outcome.   1.  This  machine  will  be  placed  in  public  spaces:  train  sta3ons,  subway,  parks.   2.  Self-­‐service.   3.  Other  people  can  throw  in  recycle  goods  to  accumulate  points  for  later   homeless  people  to  use  it.   4.  The  loca3on  of  the  machine  will  also  be  the  touch  point  for  NGO  workers   to  provide  rou3ne  help  for  homeless  people.  

How it works for them 他们如何参与 Also  check  out  our  prototype  videos.  

Collaborate with NGO and churches 与NGO和教堂合作 Community   Trading   (our  social  entrepreneur)   Other  organiza?on   (NGO,  churches,  public  services)   Collabora3on   •  Flyers,  printed  promo3on  materials   •  Church  volunteer  work   •  Public  crowded  area:  subway  sta3ons,  People’s  Park,   Train  sta3ons.   •  Volunteers  to  organize  events.  

Cost structure 资金结构 Income   Community   Trading   (our  social  entrepreneur)   Expenditure   •  Recycling  companies  sponsor  machine   and  money.     •  Machine  design  and  public  placements.   •  Regular  maintainance.   •  NGO  and  churches  provide  assistance,  food,   and  services.   •  Public  individuals  and  restaurants  provide   food,  water,  and  services.     •  Food,  water,  shower  and  other  services   •  Transporta3on  of  aforemen3oned  objects.   •  Volunteers  to  organize  events.   •  Recruitment,  and  management  

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