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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: RachelGoldaBeron



Recruiting for Non Profit Community Organization. Summary of the year before.

LeDorVaDor Accomplishments and Achievements Fall 2011-Spring 2012 Presented by: Rachel Beron Chair of LeDorVaDor LeDorVaDor is a youth organization of Nessah Israel

Goals and Achievements • Goal: Incorporate organization, professionalism, and team unity. • Achievement: Three team bonding nights to improve team unity and professional name tags.

• Goal: Make team members feel a part of the team. • Achievement: Three team bonding nights, individual team evaluations after IDF party, and combining team and board meetings to keep the team as up to date as the board.

• Goal: Get branding events, materials, and incorporate social media. • Achievement: Sell the LeDorVaDor car air freshener, the professional looking name tags have the logo, and we have an outreach booth at every event besides Shabbat events.

• Goal: Organize the storage room formally known as the Dungeon. • Achievement: The dungeon was organized twice during this year in order to avoid buying any repeat items therefore keeping the budget low.

• Goal: Create a clear goal for all tasks to create team unity and awareness. • Achievement: Every meeting an agenda was created that was much more lengthy than before with clear goals and assigned tasks for each team member.

• Goal: Team up with other organizations to promote our name. • Achievement: 1. Rabbi Katz lecture with Reach U All 2. Chanukah Toy Drive with 30 Years After 3. Homeless Baskets with Nessah Israel Teens and Icare 4. Jewlosophy with ImanEsmilzadeh 5. Blood Drive with BikurCholim 6. Le Petite Shabbat with NIYP

• Goal: More awareness of our events through announcements made at services. • Achievements: Rachel Beron, Dorsa Beroukhim , Debbie Yeroshalmi, and ShabnamEbrahimian all engaged in making announcements during Shabbat services.

• Goal: Get more sponsorship!! • Achievement: This year was the first time LeDorVaDor did a sponsorship campaign for the IDF party. For the very first time LeDorVaDor raised a total of $1800!!!

Proud thoughts from the Chair: • As you can see when LeDorVaDor is persistent and unrelenting, they can achieve all the goals they set out to do. • We are all a determined and passionate group of people and we are blessed and honored to be working with all of you. • May our efforts grow in strength and may our actions give this generation the power to affect the next generation.

LeDor VaDor From Generation to Generation

Individual Strengths and Accomplishments of the Team

Debbie Yeroshalmi • The force that pushed events along and got others to agree. • Accomplishment: Used her networks and friendly personality to shoot for successful realities.

ShabnamEbrahimian • The facebook expert. • Attentive to the consumer’s sensitivity. • Accomplishment: Used her positive attitude to successfully market on facebook.

Monika Illoulian • She has continuously been loyal to all efforts and very caring to her team members. • Accomplishment: She has grown into a leader that has excellent communication skills.

Daniel Babajoni • He is always supportive emotionally and physically in times of high stress. • He always has great ideas. • His big network proved to be necessary to LeDorVaDor’s success. • Accomplishment: Learned to prioritize tasks and take on only what he could.

Josie Rahim • She has always been there to help for all events. • She always came to meetings. • Accomplishment: Was the first team member to receive sponsorship money and ended up getting the most sponsorship out of the whole team!

Rebecca Sadik • She has always been ready to help. • She always came to meetings. • Accomplishment: Her communication with the board improved and we could count on her to go beyond the call of duty.

Sandra Harouni • Always came to meetings. • Always had great ideas and constructive criticism. • Accomplishment: Got more active in the team and felt a sense of team duty.

Namdar Lalezari • His specialty is talking to and booking valet. • He always finishes his tasks. • Accomplishment: He used his good heart and attentive personality to make LeDorVaDor shine!

Asal Askarinam • Helped raise money for sponsorship. • Attended ALL events despite time difficulty. • Accomplishment: She used her go with the flow personality to make team life smoother.

Nicole Ahobim • She used her passion to be part of something better. • Accomplishment: Learned to work with a Jewish non profit.

JasminMahgerefteh • She has always been loyal to the end. • Accomplishment: She engaged in acts of kindness and service to her community.

Maythal Eshaghian • Always to came to team meetings. • She was very supportive. • She always had great ideas and constructive criticism. • Accomplishment: Sold the most air fresheners of the whole team by far!

Not only did LeDor VaDor accomplish goals for the organization as a whole but every team member’s lives improved by helping others.

Once again Nessah’sLeDorVaDor thanks you for your time, help, understanding, compassion, and giving us the chance to positively affect someone else while affecting ourselves.

Rachel Beron’s Contact Information • • • • • Phone number: 310-850-2253 Email: Facebook name: RachelinaBeron Twitter: @RachelGolda LinkedIn: Rachel Golda Beron Please do not hesitate to contact me! 

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