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Published on May 20, 2010

Author: mfw2us


Community Mobilization : Community Mobilization Farrukh Waseem Mirza District Coordinator CIDA-SOHIP Mianwali Community: : Community: A Group of People living in a geographic area through physical location, precise boundaries that are readily understood and acceptable Sharing common cultural heritage, language, and beliefs or shared interests. An individual may belong to more than one community. Development: : Development: Often carries with it an assumption of growth and expansion. Some time it imply Change. Development is a process of social, economic and technological change that ensures the well being, dignity, protection, justice and equality for people. Community Development: : Community Development: It is a "grassroots" process by which communities: become more responsible; organize and plan together; develop healthy options; empower themselves; reduce ignorance, poverty and suffering; create employment and economic opportunities; achieve social, economic, cultural and environment goals. Community Mobilization: : Community Mobilization: Community mobilization engages all sectors of the population in a community-wide effort to address a health, social, or environmental issue. It brings together policy makers and opinion leaders, local, state, and federal governments, professional groups, religious groups, businesses, and individual community members. Community mobilization empowers individuals and groups to take some kind of action to facilitate change. Community Mobilization: : Community Mobilization: CM process includes mobilizing necessary resources, disseminating information, generating support, and fostering cooperation across public and private sectors in the community. Anyone can initiate a community mobilization effort — the STD staff of local or state health departments, CBOs, or concerned physicians and other health professionals Why Mobilizing the Community: : Why Mobilizing the Community: Can Infuse new energy into an issue through community buy-in and support. Expand the base of community support for an issue or organization. Help a community overcome denial of a health issue. Promote local ownership and decision-making about a health issue. Encourage collaboration between individuals and organizations. Limit competition and redundancy of services and outreach efforts. Why Mobilizing the Community: : Why Mobilizing the Community: Provide a focus for prevention planning and implementation efforts. Create public presence and pressure to change laws, polices, and practices — progress that could not be made by just one individual or organization. Bring new community volunteers together (because of increased visibility). Increase cross-sector collaboration and shared resources. Increase access to funding opportunities for organizations and promote long-term, organizational commitment to social and health-realted issues. Community Mobilization Process: : Community Mobilization Process: Immersion/ Entry: : Immersion/ Entry: Finalizing Program Objectives Setting Mobilization Objectives Work plan and Procedures Clarification Initial Visits and Rapid Assessments Target Area Selection Introductory Community Meetings Study the Community. Live with community. Work with Them not for them. Initiating Partnership: : Initiating Partnership: Understanding the Community. Need for partnership. Why partnership. Defining the ToP. A partnership is a relationship where two or more parties, having compatible goals, form an agreement to share the work, share the risk and share the results or proceeds. Social Organization : : Social Organization : Organizing Community. In group Structure. Define norms and procedures. Resolving the conflict. Sharing the common vision/goal. Situation Analysis : : Situation Analysis : Baseline Study Community Profiles Community Selection Field-based Immersion and Observation Need Identification Deep analysis of the current situation especially related to your domain/social mobilization Objectives. Relation Building: : Relation Building: Develop Rapport. Know each other. Respect each other viewpoint and encourage each other for the achievement of the goal. being responsive and flexible so that the process can evolve. Negotiation, Implem & Mon : : Negotiation, Implem & Mon : What both Parties can do to achieve the goal. Joint plan of action. Incorporate the real need of Children, Men & Women Implement the plan of action accordingly. Monitor the activities. Give feed back to the community. Evaluation: : Evaluation: Joint Reviews. Establish joint evaluation committees including all stakeholders. Knowing when you are successful. Measuring the progress & success. Use the evaluation results for planning and promotion of the partnership Principle for Social Mobilization: : Principle for Social Mobilization: Be valued by the community, Involve community members, Have credible leadership, and Produce results that suit the community. Effective communication and appreciation Communication is a two-way dialogue, not just a downloading of information. Common vision and goals Work with People. TIPS ON COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION : TIPS ON COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION Maintain a sense of humor and be patient. You might have a deadline to keep, but others may have other priorities. Open your mind and heart and you will receive a warm welcome; a mutually beneficial relationship will develop. Build upon the positive aspects of the local culture, religion, knowledge, and tradition; brick by brick, work with the people to build up their lives with dignity and honor. Initiate but do not lead. You are a catalyst of inspiring development activities, not the boss. Listen, listen and listen again. Learn from the men and women: the what’s, the why’s, the when’s, and the how’s of their situation. TIPS ON COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION : TIPS ON COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION Identify the people’s needs, or rather facilitate them to identify their needs. Remember awareness-raising is the first step towards mobilization. Sit together, share ideas and experiences – this is a two-way process. Avoid talking in terms of money, rather talk in terms of working together as the value of a project. Do not be authoritative. Talk simply. Do not use complex language; your task is to communicate effectively. Involve the community from the very beginning; do not start a project, and then start to bring in community participation mid-way through. Organize the people to draw up their own plans for their development; simple activities which can easily be understood and realistically carried out. Never assume that you are right and they are wrong; in most cases you will discover that they are in fact right but you had failed to listen! Group Work : Group Work What are the fears of HCP while working with community? How you can overcome these fears. Slide 22: Thanks for being with me during deliberation on working with Community.

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