Community Management Tips: 3 Ways to Expand Your Communication Strategy

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Published on January 30, 2014

Author: hootsuite



Learn how you can better discover, engage and nurture relationships within your communities and, in turn, reach new audiences.

Community Management Tips 3 Ways to Expand Your Communication Strategy Learn how you can better discover, engage and nurture relationships within your communities and, in turn, reach new audiences.

Community Management Tips 3 Ways to Expand Your Communication Strategy Communication is the cornerstone to any effective social strategy. As a Community Manager, creating a communication strategy that empowers you to discover, engage and nurture effectively is key to kickstarting the growth of your brand’s community. Social media equips Community Managers with the necessary tools to activate their communities while creating long lasting, meaningful relationships with people all over the globe. With a social relationship platform like HootSuite on your team, your brand has access to the best possible tools to enhance your social reach. Read on to learn how you can better discover, engage and nurture relationships within your communities and, in turn, help your brand reach new audiences. 1. Discover New Audiences 2. Keep Your Community Engaged 3. Nurture Key Relationships HootSuite Media Inc. Communication Strategy | 2

1. Discover New Audiences Before you can effectively activate your community, you will need to build it up. Discovering new audiences and growing community can be both a rewarding and difficult task. In the ever growing landscape of the internet, it’s important to develop a communication strategy that enables you to easily discover new audiences. Online Chats and Hangouts: “How do you know which Chat or Hangout is worth your time and resources? Doing your research is paramount to discovering For a brand looking to expand their community, joining online conversations is a great start. Not only do Twitter chats and Google Hangouts give you access to the pulse of your industry and consumers, they allow you to build a community of quality individuals who value your brand. All the while, you will be laying the foundations of relationships worth nurturing later on. where your time is best Geo-target Audiences: chats include: #CMGRChat Using geo-targeted search on Twitter allows you to discover new audiences in key demographic regions. Whether you are looking to discover new people in a city, province or country, geolocation can help narrow your search. Try filtering your streams by geolocation via HootSuite or install Hootlet to your Chrome web browser. spent. Look to find the chat with a high volume of participants and quality of discussion. At HootSuite, some of our favourite and #HSUChat.” - Connor Meakin, Community Manager, NA @ConnorMeaks Create Valuable Content: Creating content is a powerful way to attract and retain quality members of your growing community. Take time to not only craft quality content, but also use content as a foundation for socialization and engagement on your social media networks. HootSuite Media Inc. Communication Strategy | 3

2. Keep Your Community Engaged Building a community is one thing, but keeping them engaged and passionate about your brand over time can be challenging. Whether your community is comprised of 10 people or 10 million people, how you monitor and engage is crucial. “Filtering search streams Monitor Intelligently: HootSuite’s robust Latin Avoid the possibility of letting an important interaction go unnoticed, be it a negative experience or a comment from an important community member. Setup keyword search streams in your HootSuite dashboard that monitor every variation, and misspelling, of your brand name. Twitter might seem like the easiest platform to do so, but don’t forget to monitor across all your social properties. For example, HootSuite’s Community Managers monitor for all of the following: • Keywords: HootSuite, Hoot Suite, HootSweet, Hoot Sweet by language helps me reach out and nurture American community. It’s my secret weapon to being local and keeping up with the pulse.” - Marina Tostes, Community Coordinator, LATAM @MariTostes87 • Direct Mentions: @HootSuite, @HootSweet @HotSuite • Hashtags: #HootSuite, #HootSweet, #HotSuite Language Specific Search: Since social media knows no borders, neither should you. As your community grows and expands to international audiences, it’s important to effectively engage diverse language segments. A great way to do so is by filtering your search results by language within your HootSuite dashboard. Encourage Contribution: The best way to make your community feel heard, is to let them know you value what they have to say. Whether it’s inviting them to guest write on your blog, encouraging them to give product feedback or simply holding contests on social media – the more you facilitate engagement, the more your community will participate. HootSuite Media Inc. Communication Strategy | 4

3. Nurture Key Relationships After you have discovered and engaged with your community, it is vital to sustain their interest and attention. The nurturing element of a communication strategy taps into how, as a Community Manager, you are going to go from entertaining your audience, to inspiring and convincing them to consider your company’s offering. Personalize Social Messaging: “HootSuite mails over 11 000+ personalized ‘HootKits’ every year. A HootKit is a small envelope full of stickers, It’s important to respond and engage with your audience, but in order to nurture a long lasting relationship between the community and your brand, you need to be strategic. Target key community members, whether it is a potential sales lead, partner or candidate for a brand ambassador, and craft your messaging to them personally. pins and other fun items. Share Curated Content: of our community since When personalizing messaging, try sending your target audience content specifically curated for them. A key part of being a Community Manager is being on the pulse of what’s new and trending. In time, your community will begin to value and rely on your brand for the the news they enjoy most. Give Swag Love: Often in the early stages of building a community, regardless of the brand, the budget is tight. But fear not, even the smallest gestures go a long way. Whether it is a handwritten post card, an envelope full of custom stickers or something as simple as pin – giving your community physical pieces of affection will take your digital relationship to all new levels. HootSuite Media Inc. The cost is low, but the emotional return from our communities is incredible. HootKits have been apart the very beginning and despite a few design changes, have remained essentially the same.” - Diana Luong Community Creative Coordinator @DianaLuong_ Communication Strategy | 5

Want more Community Tips? Find them every month on or follow @HootClub on Twitter for updates. @hootclub /hootsuite /company/hootsuite /+hootsuite HootSuite Media Inc. Communication Strategy | 6

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